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LJP is the home of the original jazz piano forums and has helped lead the way in online jazz piano education since 1996. The Jazz Piano Forums are a great place to ask questions and discuss jazz theory, chord progressions, blues, improvising, what it means to be a professional musician, and more. Download original jazz studies, transcriptions, and other material posted by professional players and educators. Scot's philosphy is to bring people who love jazz piano together and have some fun while doing it.

Updating LJP and Cosmic Awareness

The rational and effort behind LearnJazzPiano.com massive updates

It took six months of work, including a couple months off, for the new LearnJazzPiano.com system to be ready for prime time. It wasn't until Scot moved to Hong Kong did he muster the motivation necessary to get into the project. The following is a brief rundown of what took place to change the old system to the new.

A Look at, "Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise"

Let's take a look at ways to play the standard, "Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise"

Solo piano can be a mystery to new jazz pianists. How do you mix voicings, improvisation, bass, melody, and timing all together to make a song out of it? A lot of that comes with experience of course, but it helps to have some solid ideas to work with when working on a tune and we'll explore some good ones using "Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise" as an example.

That Left Hand and Learning Tunes

Explore getting more out of your left hand while you dig into a new song

We spend so much time learning how to play lines and such in our right hand that sometimes the left hand is left out of the picture. In this lesson we take a look at "Beautiful Love" and ways of using our left hand to make this a bigger and better tune to play. The strategies here are also very useful for learning tunes.

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  • Sticky: LearnJazzPiano.com massive site update thread

    For anyone who's been here before, you are looking at a system that has basically been rebuilt, recoded, and rescripted from the ground up.   Phase 1 has been in the works since, oh... sometime in April I'm guessing. I did most of the work while I was in Hong Kong, then when I got back at the beginning of July I stepped away from it for two and a half months.  Two days ago I said, "Time to put the new stuff up." and now here we are. Anyway, Phase 1 is complete. The system is good enough...

    by yesterday, 1 reply from yesterday
  • *NEW* - Learn to BURN w/Dave Frank

    Hi fiends, I'm plotzing to inivte you to this new class, intended for intermediate to advanced players, presenting 3 specific exercises to help you to take your playing to BURNSVILLE!! You will LOVE it) Blessings and keep swingin from 52nd St. Dave Frank http://youtu.be/fo7VRF_Uj7o...

    by 08/06/2014, 36 replies
  • *NEW* -The Science of Touch - 5 ways to Control Your Piano Sound

    I'm thrilled to share with you this new class that examines the inner workings of the piano and examines 5 ways to control your sound and touch at the keyboard. Techniques include playing deeper into the keybed, varying touch velocity, and more. Features a new performance and a grand piano action model. Pianists will LUV this! http://youtu.be/QL5Ze64Wo2I Blessings and keep swingin Dave Frank...

    by 05/15/2014, 21 replies

    Pianoaddicts, I'm happy to invite you to digg into a new in-depth master class analyzing an amazing recent solo performance of the great Chick Corea! Topics include modal interchange, modal anthems, ten drummers, cycled harmonies, and much more. Includes a new performance by Dave and class notes available for download. All free for thee. http://youtu.be/OmNI8HuPhDM Blessings and keep swingin from NYC! Dave Frank...

    by 12/04/2013, 33 replies
  • *New* - 15 Stylistic Elements for the Advanced Jazz Pianist

    Jazz piano lovers, I'm pleased to offer you a new master class exploring 15 advanced ways to snazz-up your jazz. I promise you a swell time with this unique in-depth master class:) Phree. Blessings and keep swingin! http://youtu.be/3CGOSToQWv0 Dave Frank NYC...

    by 08/24/2012, 51 replies
  • Nina Simone's Solo on "My baby Just Cares for Me" (pdf)

    of requests for it. So get started learning it now, because it's going to take you awhile to master it. 7...

    by 12/14/2005, 17 replies
  • How are the piano keys set up?

    Need to know about how piano keys are set up ? http://www.nyjazzacademy.com/programs/summer-jazz-intensives/...

    by about a week ago, 0 replies
  • How can I start to learn Jazz Piano?

    I wanna ask what can I do if I want to learn Jazz Piano by myself? while searching online I have find out online jazz clasess video ([url]http://www.nyjazzacademy.com/programs/online-jazz-lessons-and-classes/[/url]). I want to know it is best for me as I'm grade 8 in ABRSM, poor skill, poor theory, poor creativity. Only know how to follow the scores.

    by three weeks ago, 2 replies
  • Are there any good Jazz Piano lessons online?

    Hi, I'm looking for lessons on Jazz Piano. Are there any good ones that you know of? I was able to accumulate some real good Jazz Piano lessons on my blog. But I'm looking for other sources. If there's any other good one, will you let me know?...

    by two weeks ago, 0 replies
  • Charlie Parker

    Hi, I'm an italian jazz pianist and I just joined to this forum. For some months, I have been studying the themes of Charlie Parker (Billie's Bounce, Now's the time, Yardbird suite, Donna Lee, ecc....). In addition to Aebersold books, are there others books where to find new harmonies for piano? Thanks for the reply!...

    by 05/13/2014, 1 reply from 08/14/2014
  • chord notation confusion

    [sf]Hello, I have a lead sheet that lists a Db9 chord. This is confusing to me. Is this a D flat nine chord, or a D chord with a flat nine? What is the proper way to write these 2 chords? Here are my 2 versions: 1. D Flat nine chord - Db9 2. D chord with a flat nine - D-9 not Db9 The chord progression is from Autum Leaves, measure 28. Here is the progression as written for measure 27 and 28 and 29: |Em7 Eb9 | Dm7 Db9 | CMaj7 | I also noticed the same problem with measure 27 and the Eb9. Please hel...

    by 07/27/2014, 2 replies
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