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  • "The Jazz Pianist" for Windows - 4/21 | 17 replies
    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has heard of a music program that was put out some years ago by PG Music called -The Jazz Pianist- for windows. It is not the one they have out right now called -The Modern Jazz Pianist-. The origina...
  • Check Out Singer Cheryl Barnes Jazz MusicThat Will Remind You of - 4/14 | 0 replies
    Cheryl Barnes has some new music for you off of her new album Listen To This. If you Youre a fan of Dianne Reeves and Jazz music then Listen To This will blow you away! Listen To This was patiently rendered over a 5-year period, prepared with tender ...
  • Venezuelan Piano Sheet Music - 4/10 | 0 replies
    Hi, I would like to share with you this page, that contains Venezuelan Piano Sheet Music that can be used for Latin Jazz, have a nice http://pianovenezolano.blogspot.c...
  • Big losses in 2013 - 4/9 | 4 replies
  • Beegie Adair Style - 4/9 | 4 replies
    Any suggestions where I can study in the Beegie Adair style in NH would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Be...
  • A Podiatrist's Advice on Fitting Shoes - 4/9 | 4 replies
    I'm trying to figure out how to reharmonize Giant Steps but I'm not making any progress. Any tip...
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  • *New* - 15 Stylistic Elements for the Advanced Jazz Pianist - 4/9 | 12 replies
    Jazz piano lovers, I'm pleased to offer you a new master class exploring 15 advanced ways to snazz-up your jazz. I promise you a swell time with this unique in-depth master class:) Phree. Blessings and keep swingin! Dave Frank ...
  • What do jazz piano students most want to learn? - 4/5 | 1 replies
    I'm a jazz piano teacher here in London and would like to know what students would most like to learn? Here are some suggestions but tell me what comes to mind first? Scales Modes New tunes Chords Licks Chord sequences Extensions and alterations Playing ...
  • Blues Jazz Piano Improvisation - 3/31 | 1 replies
    Hello all :) I have been fumbling about for years, playing in bands and such. I want to help people trying to learn how to play Blues Jazz I have thrown together a rough video to explain some simple techniques and a method for making it easier...
  • Typical/Definitive Versions for pre - Jam Session Workshop - 3/19 | 2 replies
    Hi All, I finally decided to get my feet wet and attended my first Workshop/Jam Session two evenings ago; it blew me away. I didn't play, I was too nervous and didn't know the tune (Nardis), though I love this tune. In the workshop, I learned so much, in...
  • James Booker and Smaller Hands - 1/29 | 8 replies
    For starters, I'm glad to see that Booker has come up here recently. I've been a fan for a while. I didn't want to hijack the other thread completely so I started this one. I was trying to play -Papa Was a Rascal&quo...
  • Note to God - DON"T BLAME ME!! - 1/24 | 1 replies
  • Erroll Garner - 1/22 | 41 replies
    Does anyone want to talk about Erroll Garne...
  • Help with website - 1/18 | 1 replies
    Hi, I am just asking for a favor. If you could visit my pianowebsite and press the "like" button on the Facebook box, it would mean a lot to me. It will help my website to score higher in Google. www.olenorbye.n...
  • Can I play the melody an octave higher? - 1/8 | 3 replies
    [sf]Hi everybody! I'm just starting jazz piano, and right now I'm starting to have fun with some real book jazz standard classics. For example I'm playing "Misty". My problem is when I play the melody exactly the way it's written on the sheet the right han...
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    Pianoaddicts, I'm happy to invite you to digg into a new in-depth master class analyzing an amazing recent solo performance of the great Chick Corea! Topics include modal interchange, modal anthems, ten drummers, cycled harmonies, and much more. Includes a new per...
  • What tune is this?! Arghhh! - 1/8 | 2 replies
    I cannot remember the name of this tune and it's driving me mad!!! It's on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember the name of it!! It's played at the beginning of this video and it's based on rhythm changes!!
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