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Summer Music Theory Classes Will Change Your Life

by Scot Ranney on January 18, 2016

When should you start studying music theory? Yesterday.

I took a full year of college music theory in a heavy summer session at North Seattle Community College in 1984, the summer before I started my senior year of high school. Studying music theory that summer put me ahead of everyone else when I started taking music classes at the University of Washington, and even today my knowledge of music theory is way ahead of the curve, and I attribute that to my summer music theory inaguration.

Aprenda a tocar SALSA en piano

by albetan on December 05, 2015

Método para aprender a tocar SALSA en el piano, creando sus propios montunos en todas las tonalidades.

Patrones rítmicos de salsa en percusiones, guajes de piano y tumbaos de bajo. Aprenda a crear sus propios montunos en todas las tonalidades. Partituras de salsas famosas en arreglos para piano solo de Alberto Betancourt.

Top Ten Reasons Why Jazz Musicians Should Attend College

by Scot Ranney on August 10, 2015

I'm not saying you have to graduate, but it's important to go, at least for a while.

You can't hang out with Barry Harris like this if you don't go to college. Sure, you're an artist and want to do things your own way, but there are advantages to going to school for a while.

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  • New Course on Jazz and Pop Keyboards and Harmony, free lessons available

    Hi everyone, I've just launched a new online course about learning how to play jazz and pop chords and progressions on keyboard. At the same time, understand how they work and can be used to write and improvise, so of interest to any player, singer or writer. There's 3 free lessons at the just-completed Beginner level, which has 12 lessons, plus 2 each at Intermediate and Advanced. Full info about lesson content and Sign-up (no obligation) is at duncan-millar.com, - take a look! You can also view lesson...

    by 3 days ago, 0 replies
  • How to Turn any Song into a Jazz song - incl. Reharmonisation

    Ever wanted to learn how to make a song sound Jazzy or how to reharmonize a song? I made a video lesson that covers a whole bunch of techniques that you can use to turn any song into a Jazz song. The techniques I go over include:- Playing 7th Chords- Extending the Chords Further- Altering the Chords- Choosing appropriate Chord Voicings- Reharmonisation- Embellishing the melodyCheck it out if you're interested.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkOu4K95DcQ ...

    by 03/31/2016, 1 reply from 04/21/2016
  • An Approach to Comping

    Hi all, I just wanted to pass some information on regarding jazz piano comping. I'm pleased to announce that An Approach to Comping: Vol. 2, Advanced Concepts and Techniques is now available (through Shermusic.com). It is a follow up to Vol. 1, The Essentials. Both volumes are dedicated to the subject of comping. The idea is that a student (or professional) would literally comp-along with great jazz records in order to start assimilating the language of comping. Several two-handed transcriptions are include...

    by 01/14/2016, 6 replies
  • Jazz Piano Templates

    Hello Everyone! I've been playing piano on and off for the last 10 years while playing bass in a jazz setting and in school but in the last 2 years I've taken more lessons and embarked on learning jazz piano itself and not just to fill in the gaps oy harmonic understanding on bass. I've gotten to the point where I can play all my major scales and modes in all 12 keys, shell and A/B voicings in all 12 keys, and Melodic Major and Harmonic Minor and Super Locrian in all 12 keys. I carry around Mark Levine's...

    by 01/06/2015, 3 replies
  • Jazz Improvisation Techniques - Free Youtube Lessons

    If you're interested in learning jazz improvisation check out my video link below. This series of videos goes through how to start improvising and a whole bunch of improvisation techniques you can use to make your solo sound more sophisticated and jazzy, including: targeting, bitonality, cycled patterns, symmetrical scales, avoid notes, as well as other important improv concepts.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gAtrP__G8U ...

    by 01/21/2016, 1 reply from 01/25/2016
  • Jazz Piano Lessons Free on Youtube

    If you want to learn Jazz or Blues piano and you're interested in understanding the theory underlying the music as well as how to actually play, then check out this Youtube Channel. It covers everything you need to know to understand and play Jazz and Blues. Learn everything from chord extensions and substitutions; passing chords; how to improvise using diatonic and non-diatonic scales, guide tones, cycled patterns, ambiguous scales, passing notes and the melody; to common chord progressions found in Jazz...

    by 12/06/2015, 2 replies
  • Charlie Parker

    Hi, I'm an italian jazz pianist and I just joined to this forum. For some months, I have been studying the themes of Charlie Parker (Billie's Bounce, Now's the time, Yardbird suite, Donna Lee, ecc....). In addition to Aebersold books, are there others books where to find new harmonies for piano? Thanks for the reply!...

    by 05/13/2014, 2 replies
  • New jazz piano lesson/interest page - Sibiljazzpiano

    Hey guys! I have started a new jazz piano page/blog. I had planned this big project for a long time. This is my idea behind it. Tell me what you think: My concept of this blog is for it to be a sort of a "House of Jazz Piano" which is divided into a few segments that I call the "rooms". Each will cover a different topic and have a different structure. The "rooms" are as follows: "The Basics", "The Lessons", "The Masters", "Dig the Alphabet" and "Others". Here is a short introduction to the "rooms": (Click...

    by 12/29/2015, 0 replies
  • Music theory app - new version

    Hi folks, Just discovered version 3 of 'Music Theory - Chords in Keys'. It's a fab little app all about thinking your way around chords and scales. Demo video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_s47g3RBUw...

    by 12/26/2015, 0 replies
  • Digital Piano

    While on vacation recently with friends, one of those friends was lamenting that when he was a younger man, he had spent a few years in London while his father was there for his employer. The home where he lived had a piano that he started to play as he was bored and felt lonely being removed from his friends at school. As he has aged he has decided that he wants to reconnect with this past. He also has decided, or rather his wife decided for him, that he would be better served with a digital piano. I must...

    by 10/21/2014, 5 replies
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