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d3dy -- 02/02/2005, 08:14:07 -- #10905
i wanna ask if anybody here could give me any tips to transcribe a long difficult solo like chick's solo in 'spain'...

Jazz+ -- 02/02/2005, 10:08:15 -- #10907
The Spain solo is already in the book of Chick Corea transcriptions. Get the book and memorize some of the licks. That may be a more practical use of your time. Transcribing a solo is very time consuming and once you have transcribed it you still have not memorized any of it. Mulgrew Miller and many other masters have never transcribed solos in their lives. I have probably spent 120 hours transcribing and I don't remember any of the material. I consider it busy work though it DOES help to strengthen your ear to recognize chords progressions and melodies. Maybe you should just transcribe your favorite licks and memorize them right away. Transcribing a whole solo is no magic pill. You should be developing yor own phrasing and melodic pathways, not Chick Corea's. Just my .02

Dr. Whack -- 02/02/2005, 11:40:40 -- #10910
I'll second that...I've never transcribed either...I seem to do better letting things go without thinking too much...I find that music, whether learned by ear or by written note, must be committed to memory and/or the subconcious in order to actually perform it musically.  So, IMO it doesn't reeally matter how you get stuff there (although I prefer to do it by ear, seemingly bypassing the cognitive part)

While I dont think transcribing will hurt you at all (any ear training is good)  working on figuring out certain licks and lines that you find interesting, as Jazz+ mentioned, would probably do you a whole lotta good - and heck, why not check out the book of transcriptions?  Be careful though, I have yet to see one that is accurate (and I know I haven't seen em all)

savage -- 02/02/2005, 12:37:49 -- #10914
Transcription books are OK for learning licks, but what they never can teach you is PHRASING and TIMING. Really digging into a solo to figure out exactly HOW the musician plays the notes has greatly improved my sense of phrasing, timing and swing over the years.

And above all, it may be time-consuming but its FUN.


mike_a -- 02/02/2005, 13:24:16 -- #10918
Use a program like "Transcribe!" to select parts of a song to loop and/or slow down without changing the pitch.  You can also see what frequencies are at any given time period you select.  This works well if you can choose notes or chords that play between drum parts.  This is a crutch that will speed up transcribing but slow down the development of your ear like Jazz+ is saying.  I try my best to guess it out with my ear before I peak at the display.  There are some voicings I don't think I could ever figure out without looking.  I used this program on Chic playing "Lush Life" and got about 1/2 way through before my ultra-short attention span had me move on to other pursuits.

d3dy -- 02/07/2005, 07:35:30 -- #11040
thanx everyone...

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