LearnJazzPiano.com archives: Gino Vanelli
mco246 -- 05/06/2005, 08:17:20 -- #13593
I am new to Jazz, and very excited about it!
I grew up listening to other related sort of music..
one of my old time favorites was Gino Vanelli.

Anybody familiar with his music? any thoughts?


LarryC -- 05/06/2005, 16:03:06 -- #13606
The only albums I love from start to finish are Brother To Brother and Nightwalker.  For me his earlier and later stuff is hit and miss.  His Live CD is very good.  I only wish his last album on Arista would have been released (the follow up to Nightwalker).  What I'd give to hear that one!

Mike -- 05/11/2005, 04:34:06 -- #13708
great pop artist

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