LearnJazzPiano.com archives: rhythm changes transcribing
james3 -- 06/28/2005, 13:28:32 -- #15750
Hi all,
     I'd like to transcribe some rhytm changes soloing.  Can anybody recommend some clear and maybe simpler recordings to do?  


jletourn -- 06/28/2005, 13:59:11 -- #15756
Jimmy Raney, "Live in Tokyo," includes a version of "Anthropology" which is relatively "clear," I suppose, although it is just as fast as many of the rest.

The advantage of this particular recording is that if you have Jimmy Raney's Aebersold (I only have the book, so I can't comment on the recording), he uses *some* although of course not all (or even many) of his tricks in his live solo.  

Before anyone launches a bromide against Aebersolds, in the OT habit some people have (I'd agree, probably, although I'm not especially committed to criticizing them), this is one of the "oddball" volumes which is somewhat interesting to have a look at.  It consists of  composed solos on changes to standards which are written into the book and performed on the disc, and therefore isn't just a set of pre-transcribed solos or backing tracks.

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