LearnJazzPiano.com archives: Some listening suggestions please?
johnmarkpainter -- 11/19/2006, 15:15:09 -- #31303
First...Jazz purists please be kind to me :)

I am a rock musician that has always dabbled in Jazz.  I am a multi-instrumentalist/Film Composer/Arranger/artist/engineer etc...  I'm a hack keyboard player and am working on that.

As a Piano reference, I have worked a lot with Ben Folds.  
One of my Favorite records is Ramsey Lewis Trio "Down To Earth" (check it out on iTunes if you think you don't like Ramsey Lewis) Especially "Come Back To Sorrento" and "John Henry"
I also like Lalo Schifrin's 60's Bossa Nova stuff (really campy) like on "Insensatez" which is also on iTunes.

My Piano aspirations aren't ultra-technical.
I just want to be able to play with some 'flow' and be more competent on Piano to help me with my composition.

Any recommendations for Pianists to listen to in that direction?
I like the simplicity and R&B leanings of the above-mentioned Ramsey Lewis and Ray Charles "Hard Times" for instance.

I love this website and have already found tons of great information here.


Whacky -- 11/20/2006, 06:05:01 -- #31303
Sounds like you may be in need of some Bill Evans :)

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