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YourMove -- 12/11/2006, 04:56:27 -- #31639
I would like to have a laptop right on top of my digital piano. It should be able to connect a video camera and the digital piano which has cinch adapters for aux in/out. I think you get the picture.
What I would like to do with it: Play Band in a box from it and record my playing with the video cam on the PC.
Minimum requirements? Do all laptops have the nescessary in-/outputs?
For now I have to carry my desktopPC with monitor into the living room where the digital piano is located which is quite a hassle and takes time... Thanks for your help :)

jaledin -- 12/11/2006, 13:21:58 -- #31639
Sorry, I don't know anything about the video cam you want.  I can see where it would be useful if you wanted to record lessons or have something to show the very few people who might be interested in seeing -- rather than just hearing, like most music is heard -- but what do you want the tech for?

I think many/most webcams are USB -- any laptop will have the necessary ports to hook up a USB camera.  I don't know if these cameras have sound -- if so, it will probably be inferior, unless expensive.  Synching sound to video could be a problem if you want to use your typical mics and audio interface.  At the very least, you'll have to play around quite a bit to see what the best quality will be.

I think you might have better results using a video capture card + a more traditional camcorder-type thing.  David Lynch supposedly rolled his new movie with a consumer-grade camcorder.  Modern video recorders should be able to interface with your laptop screen without needing a video capture card.  I guess that would be a step up from the cheap little webcams many people use.  

Don't know about such things.  Will be interested to know your project and some other suggestions, though.

YourMove -- 12/11/2006, 22:46:40 -- #31639
Please take a look at my weblog here and you will know what I'm looking for. It is just a fun project mostly for myself/family and some other people are indeed interested. For the mentioned setup in the weblog I use a 20year old vhs camera connected via a video capture card in my desktop computer. The sound is directly plugged into the "line in" of the soundcard from the digital piano "aux out".

I plan to get a cheap new/used digital camera (quality will still be a million times better than from that anicent camera I use now) which I can connect to the laptop which I also need to buy.
What is the best way to connect the camera? Will I need a special card or do most laptops have something build in?

For the sound connecting do most laptops have a "line in"? or do I also need a special card?

If you can point me to an english speaking IT Community with music affiliation I would also be happy.

LoFi -- 12/12/2006, 03:58:54 -- #31639
http://forum.midiaddict.com/ is a UK-based forum dealing with Computer music and technology - might not be a bad place to ask.

Most laptops will have at least a microphone input that, at a pinch, you could run a line into, though this is not ideal. You could buy a cheap USB soundcard to get proper line-ins (or a PCMCIA one, but this'd probably cost a bit more).

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