LearnJazzPiano.com archives: Your favorite tunes to play in a slow 3/4 gospel style?
Jazz+ -- 12/20/2006, 11:55:45 -- #31815
"Silent Night" works well in a slow 3/4 gospel style. It's ideal for the walk ups, walk downs, and triad back cycles used over and over in gospel piano.

Which tunes have you played or like in a 3/4 gospel style?

All Blues, Amazing Grace, Away In A Manger are obvious candidates.

SolArt -- 12/20/2006, 13:55:41 -- #31815
Fly Me to the Moon works cooly.

jaledin -- 12/20/2006, 14:25:45 -- #31815
Well, this is an obvious one, but there's a contrafact of "All Blues" played by Eddie Harris with the great blues pianist Janice Scroggins (I can't remember the title of the album).  I wish she recorded more -- her style is very much in the gospel bag, but also capable for straight-ahead blues.

I also used to enjoy playing "A Little 3/4 For God and Co." by Les McCann (I can't remember which musicians he was with playing with -- Stanley Turrentine was on that cut, though, I'm pretty sure).  Nice little swinger in that slow-burn gospel style.

The "A" strain of Scott Joplin's "Bethena (A Concert Waltz)" (and maybe some of the other strains) work well, also.  On the pop end, Willie Nelson's "Crazy" can be made to work in triple meter, kind of.

jaledin -- 12/20/2006, 14:41:27 -- #31815
Oh, and "Higher Ground" -- I'm not sure if it's a "spiritual" or what the category is, but the original tune is in triple meter.  Chuck Leavell has a nice recording in A major on his solo piano album, but I think he might do it in 4 -- can't remember.

Can't forget Mac Rebennack's great organ and piano on Hank Crawford's version of "Precious Lord," either -- that might be a 12/8 thing, though, on second thought.

Whacky -- 12/20/2006, 16:45:22 -- #31815
I Remember Clifford would be pretty cool too

Jazz+ -- 12/20/2006, 17:27:06 -- #31815
You Are My Sunshine
When The Saints Go Marching In

jaledin -- 12/20/2006, 18:03:26 -- #31815
"You Are My Sunshine" would be tricky for me to work out in 3/4 -- is there some recording out there in 3/4 which gives some ideas about how to work the melody?  It may be that I have the Ray Charles version stuck in my ear, though -- it does seem like a hard one for me to re-meter.

Jazz+ -- 12/20/2006, 23:32:53 -- #31815
Silent Night
When The Saints Go Marching In
You Are My Sunshine
Hey Jude
Let It Be

All in the key of C in a slow 3/4 gosple style

Jazz+ -- 12/20/2006, 23:37:16 -- #31815

Jazz+ -- 12/21/2006, 00:10:48 -- #31815
The Battle Hymn of the Republic: "Glory Glory Hallelujah"

SolArt -- 12/21/2006, 02:22:07 -- #31815
I guess just about any song can be molded to work!

Whacky -- 12/21/2006, 03:32:10 -- #31815
It's also fun to take tunes that are in 3 and play em in 5 or 7...For example I used to do that with Lover  (guess that should be another thread )

Jazz+ -- 12/23/2006, 20:26:01 -- #31815
I like the "The Easy Gospel Fake Book "
Easy meaning it's a large font and easy to read visualy


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