LearnJazzPiano.com archives: Best Real book?
march56 -- 02/24/2007, 08:17:08 -- #33303
I find myself in a situation where I need to get one of these. It looks like there are new ones out etc. any suggestions as to which one is the best? The cost is a factor so I will be stuck with one only for some time.

albetan -- 02/24/2007, 15:21:17 -- #33303
The New Real Book, Vol 1, by Sher Music Co.

Jazz+ -- 02/24/2007, 17:23:51 -- #33303
My first choice is:

"The Real Book (6th Edition}" by Hal Leonard
"The Real Book - Volume 2" by Hal Leonard
"The Standards Real Book" by Sher Music

I never recommend "The New Real Book, Vol 1" or "Vol 2", by Sher Music because it contains over 50% obscure fusion tunes. I have them all and I never use "The New Real Book, Vol 1" or "The New Real Book, Vol 2".

Mike -- 02/24/2007, 23:35:52 -- #33303
The Real book vol 1 is the standard real book that everyone is expected to have at gigs. If you take one book to a gig it should be The Real book Vol 1.  After having that one  you should buy as many as you can afford as life goes on.  I own about 20 in print and another 20 on disk.  Normally I pack only the Real book Vol 1 to take to gigs.  But sometimes I ask when hired for a gig if they expect any other books to be called.

Jazz+ -- 02/24/2007, 23:38:12 -- #33303

"Real book  vol 1" now = "The Real Book (6th Edition}" by Hal Leonard

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