LearnJazzPiano.com archives: serious help: tr61 or motif 6 es, got about a week to decide
clobaton -- 03/22/2007, 08:03:32 -- #34096
Hi all, I really need your experience now. I want to buy a second keyboard (I sold everything but my S90 and know need somethig lighter and smaller for gigs.
I need to decide between korg tr61/karma and motif es 6, in my country I could only try the mo es7, and it rocks. the keys are just perfect for a synth, and since I know the yamaha I kinda lean towards a MO. But I ve been reading good revies for the korgs too, tr61 or karma, which are small and also have sequencers and samplers. Need to decide on in before a week so my sister can bring it to me when she comes to visit. Please help  me :|


clobaton -- 03/22/2007, 08:04:40 -- #34096
oops.. sorry for the typos.. I hope the editing feature that scott is working on is ready soon!

Scot -- 03/22/2007, 11:23:54 -- #34096

I'm not working on the editing feature right now, I don't expect it will be here anytime soon at all, but it is on the list.

Jazz+ -- 03/22/2007, 12:13:19 -- #34096
I need to know what style you are playing and what your number one sound will be. Piano, Rhodes or Hammond B3?

If it's a choice between only the Karma and the Motif ES6, the Motif has the better sounds for piano and Rhodes.

dalty52 -- 03/22/2007, 16:44:20 -- #34096

jmkarns -- 03/22/2007, 20:45:55 -- #34096
Motif (Hey it works for Stevie Wonder).

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