LearnJazzPiano.com archives: Any transcription of "Parisian Thoroughfare" by Bud Powell
Jazz+ -- 07/30/2007, 11:48:43 -- #36121
I know the head and have a chart for "Parisian Thoroughfare" by Bud Powell, but is there a transcription of the whole thing floating around somewhere out there?

Jazz+ -- 07/30/2007, 11:49:56 -- #36121
I'm looking for a transcription of the solo and the left hand.

smg -- 07/30/2007, 16:47:17 -- #36121

smg -- 07/30/2007, 16:48:26 -- #36121
BTW,google "Bud Powell transcriptions" to see what's available including some online..........

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