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littlerascal -- 08/08/2007, 17:34:54 -- #36281
Do any of you guys use ebay to sell or buy things? Is it safe? Is it possible to make money from selling things on ebay?

jazz jasper -- 08/08/2007, 18:01:26 -- #36281
Yes, yes, yes.

littlerascal -- 08/08/2007, 18:56:09 -- #36281
Jazz jasper can you give me some tips and advice?

glynn -- 08/08/2007, 19:04:58 -- #36281
I can:

Look at the rating of the people you are buying or selling to.  That number is the % of happy customers etc.  Go for people who have sold a lot of stuff, I think it says: items sold: 45X etc.

It depends whether you are buying or selling, either way I try to use pay pal, or cash on delivery as I dont have a credit card, and the money goes into or comes out of my bank account.

If your not confident, start with small items until you learn the ropes.

If you sell items, you have to pay ebay a % of the sale price.  Dont avoid them.  Even if you move theyll find you and suspend your account.

If your buying, you and the rest of the buyers bid, like an auction.

This is just a beginners guide, it gets real technical if you want it to, but start with this.

Good luck.

littlerascal -- 08/08/2007, 19:06:39 -- #36281
I want to sell rather than buy to make money.

Mike -- 08/10/2007, 00:04:06 -- #36281
I have bought hundreds of things on Ebay.  I have had no bad experiences.  I have a few irratating experiences. I have got many many great deals.

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