LearnJazzPiano.com archives: how about the Roland MP 700?
charlp88 -- 08/20/2007, 06:26:08 -- #36459
Hi Jazz lovers , I am looking for a Electric piano and have asked about the Roland MP 700 Sam Ash on LI has quoted a price of $1700 with headphones It has a good acoustic sound which is what I am Interested in Lamp and bench inc. I welcome any advice thanks Charlie

Paul -- 08/20/2007, 13:28:41 -- #36459
A lot of folks are raving about the Roland FP-4. It costs less than the MP 700. Personally I think you better off with a Yamaha for acoustic and electric piano sounds but buy what you think sounds the best.

charlp88 -- 08/20/2007, 15:29:15 -- #36459
I have seen the new roland MP201 for 1800$ Pleas e anyone have any opinions?

kaon99 -- 08/20/2007, 17:10:35 -- #36459
What you hear with headphones  generally sounds a lot better than what comes out of an amp.  Unless you plan to pay $1000 or more on an amp, you probably will not be happy with the acoustic piano sound you get.  If you plan to use an amp (as opposed to headphones) it makes sense to try the piano and the amp together.  On a less costly amp, you may find a less costly piano sounds about the same as an expensive piano, My 2 cents. - Ken

Jazz+ -- 08/20/2007, 20:42:22 -- #36459
You can't use a mono amp for a stereo digital piano, you must use a pair of speakers or amps. I am using a pair of Yamaha MSP5 powered recording studio speakers (used $250 for the pair) to enhance the on board speakers if my Roland FP4. I was using a ($70) Logitec Z4 2.1 computer speaker system to enhance the FP4 and that was a cheap helpfull enhancement.

Jazz+ -- 08/20/2007, 20:44:54 -- #36459
Does the Roland MP 700 and MP201 have the same sample set as in the RD-700SX. It's the one called "Superior Grand" where they sampled every single not a four levels, it sounds like a Steinway. Any Roland with that "Superior Grand" piano is their best. Pass on any Roland model that does not have it. Ask Roland for the accurate answer, sales people don't know a lot about piano sounds.

Jazz+ -- 08/20/2007, 20:45:44 -- #36459
The FP7 can be had for $1250

Jazz+ -- 08/20/2007, 23:39:32 -- #36459
Is this thread a joke, the Roland MP 700 was released in 1977!

Jazz+ -- 08/20/2007, 23:43:21 -- #36459
OK, I did your homework for you...you must be talking about the newer MP 70 NOT the old MP 700.

The MP 70 does NOT have Roland's best piano samples that are currently in the FP4, FP7 and RD-700SX.

jmkarns -- 08/21/2007, 12:53:57 -- #36459
Bose makes a nice set of stereo computer speakers (twin tweeters on stands with a floor subwoofer) for around 200.00 at Sam's Club.

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