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begriff -- 05/01/2004, 09:42:04 -- #4022
There is a Wynton Kelly solo book on amazon but there is basically no
description of its contents, such as which tunes are included in the
book.  Is anyone familiar with this book or any other sources of Kelly material?

smg -- 05/01/2004, 11:41:35 -- #4024
the book is linked to this site...I'll go over to links and post this in the interest of ease of navigation-

smg -- 05/01/2004, 11:43:19 -- #4025

smg -- 05/01/2004, 11:45:14 -- #4026
somebody from LJP posted something a while back about the offer involved,maybe  they'll see this and more Wynton K info will be available..more importantly,here's WK......

smg -- 05/01/2004, 11:55:55 -- #4027

seems the site is experiencing temporary difficulties..but it's always been up before-they have "Someday my Prints will come"..and Freddie Freeloader is in the transcriptions section here

begriff -- 05/01/2004, 13:27:06 -- #4032
great information - thanks!

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