LearnJazzPiano.com archives: Master Degress
Paul -- 07/15/2004, 14:44:47 -- #5766
Does anyone know of a good jazz studies program that doesn't cost an arm and a leg where you can concentrate on jazz with NO classical? I was looking at CAL ARTS but it costs over $25,000 a year (not including living expenses) Who has that kind of money?!?

Scot -- 07/15/2004, 15:26:52 -- #5771
University of Washington jazz studies has a good program (Marc Seales in charge of piano) where you don't have to take classical.

Well, that's not EXACTLY true. Any good jazz school will require players to pass a proficiency jury to make sure they don't need classical training. If you are good enough to pass it, you don't take classical. if not, you take classical until you can pass the test.  

Once you get past that technical hurdle, at least at the UW, you don't have to deal with classical anymore, especially.

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