LearnJazzPiano.com archives: portable digital recorder and mp3 player?
mstore -- 09/26/2004, 06:02:05 -- #7445

Im wondering if anyone of you guys know of any device that can record a stereo channel from microphone or line to some kind of hard drive. I have used a mini disc and that is the minimum quality i need for my best recordings. a 40 gb  hd would be nice in the minidisc. the device should also be able to play mp3s. anyone know anything about this?


Scot -- 09/26/2004, 10:59:49 -- #7459
There are a lot of things like this. Roland and Tascam make them- midi studios or porta-studios they call them.  Basically they are modern day 4-tracks that store input on internal hard drives.

Here are some offerings from tascam:


You get the idea- you get what you pay for. That little PocketStudio 5 is interesting. Uses Flash memory instead of a hard drive.

I think these are the kinds of devices you might want to look into. If you have a Guitar Center near your area, they would have a lot of them on hand to demo so you could see if the technology does what you want.

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