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abless -- 09/26/2004, 07:20:30 -- #7446
Hello out there.
I just want to know if there is a program which converts the music of a MP3-file into notes. I would for example click on "Keith Jarret - Köln Concert" and the program would print out the notes so that I could play it on the PC.

Does anybody know if something like this already exists?

Dr. Whack -- 09/26/2004, 07:27:37 -- #7449
Human Ears


abless -- 09/26/2004, 07:39:31 -- #7451
No seriously, I just want to know if something like this exists.
My aim is not to skip the process of transcribing, I want to write such a program. It is for a competition.

Dr. Whack -- 09/26/2004, 07:45:03 -- #7453
sorry...just being silly...I heard talk a few years ago abot someone working on something like that...I guess it would have to be some sort of pitch ot midi converter deal..but how could/would it discriminate and/or decipher all the pitches?  Any percusion part, bell or whistle, would have pitch...Anyway, I've not heard of one yet

whaddya think?

jbl81 -- 09/26/2004, 08:28:37 -- #7454

I was working on just such a thing a few weeks ago.  I started with the simplest possible recording.  My keyboard recorded playing C major scale with half second notes and space between them.  It was unbelievable how tricky it still was.  I tried out several different methods: straight up  FFT, autocorrelation, HPS, etc, but I was unable to find one method that stood head and shoulders above the others.  What I ended up doing was trying all the methods on each window of sound and having them vote (this is actually how nuclear reactors are controlled, 3 different computers, each running different software, and they vote on things.  that way if one fails, you still have two others with different hardware and software).  I was still only able to get like 80% accuracy.  I'd be curious to hear if you find better methods.  Mine is hardly state-of-the art, and I realize lots of doctoral theses out there probably describe how to do it better, but I ran out of steam..  Let me know how it goes!

Scot -- 09/26/2004, 10:55:47 -- #7458
There are several wav to midi converters out there.  You would have to take your mp3 and turn it into a wav file (easy enough).  However, these days I bet some of those same wav to midi converters will work with mp3 as well.  Just do a web search on "wav to midi"

qvoice -- 10/01/2004, 04:17:38 -- #7622
Try "AmazingMidi" on http://www.pluto.dti.ne.jp/~araki/amazingmidi/
It worls well for solo piano. And its for free!
Than you create a sheet from the midi with midinotate from http://www.notation.com/. You can get a 30 days trial version.

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