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mstore -- 09/27/2004, 08:40:57 -- #7480

I have noticed that there are talented people. some people seem to be good at all things in playing. my talent is maybee my hearing, i have allways had easy to figure out melodies and hear voicings. are there people that are naturally good at everything? my poor side is my technique. I seem to have hard to play things with control. I can play lines pretty fast but my 16 and 32s donīt swing. I canīt seem to play anything with a very controlled timing ore sound. Could this be  too much adrenaline in my blood? when i did my exam in jazz i took a medicin that prevents too much adrenaline to be pumped to my veins. That was my best performance ever. My teacher had tears in his eyes. I was calm and my technique worked.
So. The thing i want to know is if itīs possible to practise piano technique in other ways than playing. I also seem to have problems with coordination when i move. Iīm very clumsy and i dontīt know where my arms and legs are. my playing is in other words clumsy and not very precice. I notice it all the time. How can i improve it? and an other question: How can i get the stuff from my unconcious to my fingers. The stuff only comes when singing and when i listen to music i all the time think out loud that "i Understood that phrase" , but i somehow the lines that come from my fingers are alllmost the same in every tune.


Jazz+ -- 09/27/2004, 09:29:56 -- #7483
It's hard to know what to say to you, not seeing or hearing you. How many years have you been playing? How much do you practice every day? Do you practice calm, very little motion, light touch, legato phrasing of lines?  What do you practice?

Scot -- 09/27/2004, 10:42:32 -- #7485
Well, you have a good start there.  You know what parts of your playing you need to work on.

As Jazz+ said, what kind of practice schedule do you have?  What do work on when you practice?

It sounds like you aren't practicing right.

Do you use a metronome?  Do you record and listen to your practice sessions?  Sometimes all it takes is a tape recorder to go up to that next level- record everything you play, and listen to it. If you know music, you will be able to hear your own playing and say, "Man, I should have relaxed there..." or something.

Paul -- 09/27/2004, 15:45:27 -- #7491
atleast you have good ears. The physical stuff comes with practice and it can take a long time....

mooondancer -- 09/27/2004, 16:12:37 -- #7493
Much has already been said by Albetan, in his "The Subconscious in Music".  Go to Albetan's Area and click "My Settings" at top of page.  For # of messages to display, put "300."  Then scroll way down to around February 2004 and read what he has to say about the subconscious.

Your problem in my opinion is you're trying too hard.  It's great to study technique and theory, but once your mind knows what notes it has to choose from, just put your hands on the keyboard and say, "play."  Let them do whatever the hell they want.  I guarantee that you'll play very easily once you get your judging, worrying, striving conscious out of the way, and let your grooving, singing subconsious do the  work.

It's one thing to understand this, and another thing to actually get your conscious mind out of the way.  Try focusing on seeing just how relaxed you can make your hand, arm, shoulder while playing.  Drop your hand easily onto your thigh, letting it fall.  That's how you want arm/wrist to feel hitting the keys -- very relaxed.  Then just try to relax, relax, relax, and literally watch the ideas your subconscious brings to the surface.  Playing with a metronome will help, because then your CONSCIOUS can focus on listening to the metronome, tricking it into getting out of the way.  Also, the rhythm you develop playing with a metronome will encourage your subconscious, because rhythm is a function that comes directly from subconscious.

albetan -- 09/27/2004, 16:48:23 -- #7497
Thanks Moondancer for your mention about "Subconscious in music".
I will upload it again as a file at Albetan's area.

smg -- 09/29/2004, 18:32:08 -- #7572
a lot of the ideas in the file called "Developing...."over at 360 relate to this ...........

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