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Brotherdavies -- 11/08/2004, 05:22:45 -- #8747

A few weeks ago I had some great advice for accompanying a singer with piano.
I rushed out and bought Diana Krall’s first album and struck gold when I discovered her solo version of ‘Body and Soul’. That one track illustrates perfectly the approach I plan to take when it comes to backing a singer on slow standards.

I would like to play “How deep is the Ocean” in a similar style, any suggestions for voicing (in C) the first 4 bars of the song? - I am using the Ralph Patt leadsheet :

|  Cm  |  Cm maj7  |  Cm7  |Cm6       D7  |

How should I voice chords on this progression to give it that solo Krall effect? (‘So What?’, Bill Evans perhaps). Perhaps I should use substitute chords instead?

Note: This is the same progression as ‘Blue Skies’ and ‘My Funny Valentine’.

Looking forward to advice!

Bro’ Davies

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