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dougmck -- 12/17/2004, 18:28:07 -- #9761
Three jazz piano versions of ‘What Child is This’ (‘Greensleeves’)

As one of the best known melodies in Western music, Greensleeves has been treated in many different ways by jazz improvisers. These are three quite distinctly different approaches, changed all to the same key so that so that mixing and matching is possible.  They are not exact transcriptions - rather, I have just transcribed the head, adjusted so that it is more or less a playable arrangement. Teachers might find these transcriptions useful for teaching – all are basically in ‘white note’ keys (A minor /C major) for beginning improvisers. For each I have posted the transcription as a PDF file, a midi file that more or less is the transcription played in real time, and a commentary on the main features of each version of the song.

I have posted these in the Solo Performances room

7 -- 12/19/2004, 08:33:31 -- #9778
Fantastic job, Doug!

Thank YOU

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