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Mike -- 12/19/2004, 16:52:36 -- #9786
Also explains the progression more in the lingo of
Slonimskys "thesauraus of Scales"  which I have thought for some time was Coltranes true inspiration for the tune rather than the bridge of "Have you Met Miss Jones"  which is more commonly reffered to as the inspiration

Scot -- 12/19/2004, 18:36:52 -- #9787
That's pretty cool :)

Gives people that nice visual of what is going on.

I also agree that Trane came about the science behind Giant Steps partially from his studies of Slonimsky's stuff. Who knows?  Maybe Have You Met Miss Jones (Rogers and Hart? Not sure) bridge could have also been influenced by that.  A lot of players and composers from that era dove into that book.

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