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Part 4 - My Way - Jazz Pianist - Video Blog, 12/09/2007, 22:48:26

Part 4 of my way to becoming a jazz pianist. It is christmas time, so I played a few christmas tunes and gave a little "present". My free website to learn the circle of fifths. Enjoy and have a peaceful holiday season.

Just in between, 11/17/2007, 02:47:59

Long time no posting...
Several reasons for this:

1) I was busy creating a website for learning the circle of fifths. Take a look at


2) Summer was very busy with lots of friends visiting, so no time to play. Since 1st of October I'm practising regularly again. With a top of 11h 45min 2 weeks ago :)

3) It is hard to simultainously play, sing the notes, count and foot action to stay in rhythm, never did that before...

4) I wrote an e-mail to Oscar Peterson if I could get a personalised signed picture. He probably didn't answer himself, but I never got a nicer response and it should arrive in around 3 weeks. Already thinking about framing :)

Just a short in between message before I post another video. ~Jan

Video Blog Part 3, 02/25/2007, 20:08:35

Part 3 of my video blog about learning Jazz Piano:

Comments are most appreciated. You can also check it out at my myspace account:


Thanks for watching and now go and practise ;-)

Video blog part 2, 11/06/2006, 22:44:36

Hello again,

video blog part 2 online at:

The last 2 weeks I was searching for a jazz piano teacher in exchange for creating a website. I tried several websites but couldn't find someone. If you know one, please let me know :)
Otherwise I will spend the next 2 weeks with working out a schedule to teach myself... Lot's of good material to be found on the Internet and especially here. Once I worked my way through the site, how it works, I have to admit pretty impressive. Hopefully more people will use the master classes section and critisize.

So far I'm learning theory, scales and circle of fifth's. In addition I played for the first time in my life with a band, although it was band in a box. I had to see that I'm totally off rhythm and therefore have to memorize what I play to not having to read anymore.

Talk to you again in two weeks. Yours, Jan

Start of my video blog, 10/23/2006, 12:19:16

Please check out the start of my video blog about learning Jazz Piano:

Thanks for your time and please let me know what you think.
Yours, Jan

Looking for a teacher in exchange for website, 10/22/2006, 00:33:29

I can offer to create a website for you and teach you how to maintain it.

In return I would like to get advice on where to start, which exercises to do, what to memorize. A teacher telling me what to do, would be most appreciated.

You find the contact information in my profile. Hope to meet you soon. Yours, Jan

My road to playing without sheet music., 10/20/2006, 22:07:57

Start of my weblog: My road to playing without sheet music!

Ok, after I put up my introductional message in the forum, I looked a bit deeper what this website has to offer and found this:

Jazz Lessons
Welcome to the world of jazz. Before you get started you need to think about a few things and be prepared in a few ways.

    * You should be able to play all of the major scales
(No idea about that, put that on my list)
    * You should have a rudimentary understanding of harmony
(I'm the master of rudimentary understanding, also on my list)
    * You should be able to read music in both clefs
(No problem)
    * You should be able to play from sheet music if necessary
(Yep, pretty ok on that)
    * You should also have a minimum of six hours per week to practice. We all know that it doesn't come overnight.
(I will try harder, also on my list)

So after reading this I searched the web and found this site: http://www.musictheory.net/

Please let me know if this is a good start together with the other websites I found:

All suggestions are of course most welcome :)
Yours, Jan

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