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  • Digital Piano

    While on vacation recently with friends, one of those friends was lamenting that when he was a younger man, he had spent a few years in London while his father was there for his employer. The home where he lived had a piano that he started to play as he was bored and felt lonely being removed from his friends at school. As he has aged he has decided that he wants to reconnect with this past. He also has decided, or rather his wife decided for him, that he would be better served with a digital piano. I must...

    by 10/21/2014, 4 replies
  • Nice article about improvisation

    This article touches on some important ideas about improv, the most important being that you want to choose a finite set of tools and use them for your solo. They use food metaphors and like making a soup, if you put every spice in your kitchen into the soup, it's going to taste terrible. ...

    by 10/21/2015, 0 replies

    by 09/10/2015, 1 reply from 09/23/2015
  • *New* - Beginning Jazz Improvisation w/Dave Frank Pt.s 1+2

    This class CAN TEACH YOU to begin jazz improvisation) Part One is intended to be watched in tandem with Part Two. Designed for all instruments and voice (but especially pianists), Part One explores the 4 basic chord progressions used in common jazz standards and how to improvise over them. Part 2 explains how to improvise over combination progressions and how to begin improvising over complete standards. Blessings and keep swingin from 52nd St...

    by 01/23/2015, 3 replies
  • Tenths and increasing your hand span

    Hi all, How can you play walking/running tenths if you can't reach a tenth? And can you really do without being able to play full tenth chords? Is there anyone here who succeeded with increasing his/her hand span or with improving his/her hand flexibility enough to be able to reach intervals that used to be out of reach before? If so what kind of exercises you did and how long it took? Thank you...

    by 10/01/2008, 26 replies
  • Nina Simone's Solo on "My baby Just Cares for Me" (pdf)

    of requests for it. So get started learning it now, because it's going to take you awhile to master it. 7...

    by 12/14/2005, 20 replies
  • Kenny Barron voicings

    I was reading through some old forum posts and came across a thread that made mention of "Kenny Barron" voicings. I have heard of Bud Powell voicings, Bill Evans voicings, etc. What is a Kenny Barron voicing? Thanks, Ryan...

    by 05/30/2006, 6 replies
  • Jazz Piano Templates

    Hello Everyone! I've been playing piano on and off for the last 10 years while playing bass in a jazz setting and in school but in the last 2 years I've taken more lessons and embarked on learning jazz piano itself and not just to fill in the gaps oy harmonic understanding on bass. I've gotten to the point where I can play all my major scales and modes in all 12 keys, shell and A/B voicings in all 12 keys, and Melodic Major and Harmonic Minor and Super Locrian in all 12 keys. I carry around Mark Levine's...

    by 01/06/2015, 2 replies
  • Are there any good Jazz Piano lessons online?

    Hi, I'm looking for lessons on Jazz Piano. Are there any good ones that you know of? I was able to accumulate some real good Jazz Piano lessons on my blog. But I'm looking for other sources. If there's any other good one, will you let me know?...

    by 09/04/2014, 6 replies
  • How do you play plain chords in lead sheets?

    I'm really new to playing jazz piano but not so much to theory. One thing I've really been wondering is how you play straight piano chords, like E- or Db in a lead sheet. For example, in Autumn Leaves, bar 7 calls to play E-.In bar 8 after the repeat of Body and Soul, it calls to play Db. Do you really only play E G B and Db F Ab, respectively? Why are some chords not sevenths? For minors, I suspect that since -7th chords can give a dorian rather...

    by 10/30/2014, 1 reply from 10/31/2014
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