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Piano Teachers Database: 440 teachers

Search for a piano teacher here. Once you bring up a list of teachers, you can contact them securely through LJP or in some cases contact them via other means, such as websites or phone.

Enter the first few letters of your search term to get more results. and Scot make absolutely no guarantee that any of the information here is true, or that anyone is who they say they are, or even if they are from the planet earth.
Guidelines for finding a piano teacher:
  • Do your research. It's your responsibility to find the right teacher.
  • Go to the teacher's gigs. Do you like their playing? Good, get some lessons from them. They aren't gigging??? See below.
  • Every   single   jazz   piano   teacher   that's   worth   taking   lessons   from   will   also   be   a   professional   gigging   musician,   period.

  • Don't waste your time with jazz piano teachers who don't gig on a regular basis.
  • Classical lessons: Usually the best place to ask about a classical piano teacher (also jazz), is at the music department (piano section) of your local university or community college, or even music directors at local high schools and churches.
  • Seriously: don't just take the first teacher that comes along. Check them out, find out what other people say (important), and take your time. The day of the desperate student is OVER. We have YouTube, websites, all the information you need to find the teacher that is exactly right for you.

Note about editing your entry: if you are a teacher and want to edit your entry, bring up your own profile (search for yourself) and click the edit link.

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