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  Dealing with 1 and 3 clappers - superbly awesome

At about the :40 mark, Connick...

09/17/2014, by 0 replies
  bukawanaginggang It's titled like it sounds. Just...

09/17/2014, by 0 replies
  The 9th International Paderewski Piano Competition

The 9th International Paderewski Piano Competition, Bydgoszcz, Poland November 3rd - 17th, 2013 The Competition is organized to commemorate Ignacy Jan Pa...

11/07/2013, by 0 replies
  My weekend gig

I finally got around to recording myself at my solo gig in Tokyo with my little "point'n'shoot". Some of my playing here is a bit sloppy, but hey...

04/12/2011, by 6 replies
  Best Platform for learners and Beginners

Hey Friends, I found a great Site where I can upload my music and Listen to different type of Music... Also I can learn each and every instrument here... I...

07/17/2013, by 1 reply from 07/17/2013
  Buy New: Yamaha tyros 4 keyboard - Korg Pa3X Pro - Yamaha PSR-S910 Keyboard

I love! It's super helpful. Sorry that I spam it all the time, I have no life.

03/23/2013, by 0 replies

Hello, so I just started out with jazz this year, and here I have a gig I did, I would like to get advice! I know I have a lot more to learn so If you guys...

08/28/2012, by 0 replies
  Scot Ranney Trio

Someone caught us on video a week or two ago.  Here are some links: Our Love Is Here To Stay: ...

09/14/2011, by 1 reply from 09/16/2011
  Donna Lee on Pan Flute

01/27/2011, by 1 reply from 04/01/2011
  Peter Martin Tutorials

A series of 14 brief tutorials (about two minutes each) by jazz pianist Peter Martin:

01/29/2010, by 1 reply from 12/06/2010
  Israeli Jazz with pianist Gilad Chazav (Trio, Video) next show is Friday (3.12.2010) at the mystic rose cafe,starting on 15:30...

12/01/2010, by 0 replies
  New pianist...

Hello guys, I'm Lindomar from Brazil and I'd like to send you my youtube page, so you can take a look at my videos.. Thanks.

10/23/2010, by 0 replies
  Little girl plays Chopin Etude

Now if this little girl can do it, surely with enough practice, anyone can:)

10/05/2010, by 0 replies
  Caravan - Gadd & Friends featuring Joey D

07/29/2010, by 0 replies
  I Thought About You

I've always loved this tune:

06/26/2010, by 0 replies
  I think I might like this even if i could not see it, but ... well seeing it

02/20/2010, by 0 replies
  Henry Hey

Okay...this is political satire, but regardless of your political views, you have to appreciate the genius of pianist Henry Hey!

02/07/2010, by 0 replies

Check this kid out:

11/09/2009, by 4 replies
  Mad World

I thought it would be cool if we started uploading more videos to youtube and such, so here's a fun entry, a nice tune by Tears for Fears that was used in ...

10/30/2009, by 3 replies
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