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  Digital Piano

While on vacation recently with friends, one of those friends was lamenting that when he was a younger man, he had spent a few years in London while his...

10/21/2014, by 5 replies
  Nice article about improvisation

This article touches on some important ideas about improv, the most important being that you want to choose a finite set of tools and use them for your sol...

10/21/2015, by 0 replies

09/10/2015, by 1 reply from 09/23/2015
  *New* - Beginning Jazz Improvisation w/Dave Frank Pt.s 1+2

This class CAN TEACH YOU to begin jazz improvisation) Part One is intended to be watched in tandem with Part Two. Designed for all instruments and voice (b...

01/23/2015, by 3 replies
  Tenths and increasing your hand span

Hi all, How can you play walking/running tenths if you can't reach a tenth? And can you really do without being able to play full tenth chords? Is the...

10/01/2008, by 26 replies
  Nina Simone's Solo on "My baby Just Cares for Me" (pdf)

of requests for it. So get started learning it now, because it's going to take you awhile to master it. 7...

12/14/2005, by 20 replies
  Kenny Barron voicings

I was reading through some old forum posts and came across a thread that made mention of "Kenny Barron" voicings. I have heard of Bud Powell voic...

05/30/2006, by 6 replies
  Are there any good Jazz Piano lessons online?

Hi, I'm looking for lessons on Jazz Piano. Are there any good ones that you know of? I was able to accumulate some real good Jazz Piano lessons on my blog...

09/04/2014, by 6 replies
  How do you play plain chords in lead sheets?

I'm really new to playing jazz piano but not so much to theory. One thing I've really been wondering is how you play straight piano chords, like E- or Db...

10/30/2014, by 1 reply from 10/31/2014
  How can I start to learn Jazz Piano?

I wanna ask what can I do if I want to learn Jazz Piano by myself? while searching online I have find out online jazz clasess video ([url]http://www.nyja...

09/02/2014, by 4 replies
  What do jazz piano students most want to learn?

I'm a jazz piano teacher here in London and would like to know what students would most like to learn? Here are some suggestions but tell me what comes to ...

04/04/2014, by 6 replies
  *NEW* - Learn to BURN w/Dave Frank

Hi fiends, I'm plotzing to inivte you to this new class, intended for intermediate to advanced players, presenting 3 specific exercises to help you to take...

08/06/2014, by 38 replies massive site update thread

For anyone who's been here before, you are looking at a system that has basically been rebuilt, recoded, and rescripted from the ground up.   Phase...

09/17/2014, by 3 replies
  *NEW* -The Science of Touch - 5 ways to Control Your Piano Sound

I'm thrilled to share with you this new class that examines the inner workings of the piano and examines 5 ways to control your sound and touch at the keyb...

05/15/2014, by 2 replies

Pianoaddicts, I'm happy to invite you to digg into a new in-depth master class analyzing an amazing recent solo performance of the great Chick Corea! Topic...

12/04/2013, by 0 replies
  *New* - 15 Stylistic Elements for the Advanced Jazz Pianist

Jazz piano lovers, I'm pleased to offer you a new master class exploring 15 advanced ways to snazz-up your jazz. I promise you a swell time with this uniqu...

08/24/2012, by 8 replies
  How are the piano keys set up?

Need to know about how piano keys are set up ?

09/09/2014, by 0 replies
  chord notation confusion

[sf]Hello, I have a lead sheet that lists a Db9 chord. This is confusing to me. Is this a D flat nine chord, or a D chord with a flat nine? What is the p...

07/27/2014, by 2 replies
  Back from Hong Kong, getting ready to update the site

Hi Folks, I've been in Hong Kong playing a gig at a place called The Captain's Bar in the old Mandarin Oriental hotel for the last ten months. It was a bl...

07/14/2014, by -1 replies
  Which is better? (Smooth) Jazz or Classical music?

Which is better? (Smooth) Jazz or Classical music? I can't decide! They both make me feel good.

07/08/2014, by 1 reply from 07/14/2014
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