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  Scot is locked out in Hong Kong

Here's his message to me for you: [b]"My own security for LJP has locked me out because I'm in Hong Kong and dialing in with a bad IP address. Will you do...

11/09/2013, by 1 reply from 11/09/2013
  Lennie Tristano - Teacher

I've just been sitting watching a one hour show on Youtube - Joe Satriani teaching a one hour private guitar lesson, there was some sort of competition wit...

11/02/2013, by 5 replies
  I think I'm over-complicating things

I am new to learning jazz and improvisation piano. I have a midi file for jazzy version of somewhere over the rainbow that I want to learn how to play. I'...

10/04/2013, by 0 replies
  Beegie Adair Style

Any suggestions where I can study in the Beegie Adair style in NH would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bern...

09/30/2013, by -1 replies

If the Yellowjackets come to your town, DO NOT miss them!...

09/27/2013, by 0 replies
  Russel Ferante Improvising Tips

Some cool ideas to explore:

07/14/2013, by 4 replies
  MP3 recorders etc - Jazz Piano Camp

Hi all 3 days and counting; jazz piano camp here in London, starts saturday. Excited and nervous. Anyway my question is. What do you guys use for recordi...

08/14/2013, by 15 replies
  band in a box

Does BIAB work better on Windows or Mac? Does it matter?...

08/25/2013, by 1 reply from 08/26/2013
  They are dropping like flies! Marian McPartland, RIP What'g going on here? I remember listening to Marian M...

08/22/2013, by 3 replies
  McCoy Tyner's approach to "My Favorite Things" with Coltrane

I very much appreciated what Clifford suggested to do on Summertime a couple of posts down.  Can anybody make some suggestions about how to analy...

05/26/2005, by 7 replies
  4 Improv Flows on ATTYA w/Dave Frank (All the Things You are)

The unusual video is from Dave Frank's YT master class- Using the 15 Jazz Piano Elements, Plus a Few More:) Dave improvises 4 improv flows over the changes...

08/25/2013, by 0 replies
  Autumn Leaves.. second take

I'll start by saying... if you've never done a workshop, or received instruction from a jazz heavyweight... it's worth the experience.. a little intimidati...

08/23/2013, by 5 replies
  Giant Steps again

My last Giant Steps discovery had to do with moving down in whole steps alternating M7 with m7, starting on the BM7, the first chord of the tune. This wor...

07/20/2013, by 5 replies
  re: Want to get a Jazz Piano Masterclass for birthday gift

Hi all, My dad turns 70 on Saturday. He has had no formal piano training, but is an excellent jazz pianist (in my opinion) who has a great ear. I want to...

08/20/2013, by 2 replies
  Dave Frank in Seattle next week

I'll be spending 3 days next week, 21st-24th, teaching private lessons and workshops in Seattle, if anyone would like to connect out there I'll be bringing...

08/16/2013, by 2 replies
  George Duke - RIP

Man, they are dropping like flies. One of the funkiest keyboard/piano players out there has passed away at age 67:

08/06/2013, by 0 replies
  Mulgrew Miller style

Anyone know any good transcriptions and where I can get them for Mulgrew Miller? Full transcription including chords would be great. I want to analyse his ...

08/03/2013, by 2 replies
  Gary Burton free online improvisation course

Hi everyone, Just learned from a friend that Gary Burton is offering a free online jazz course on improvisation through Coursera (free website for online ...

08/04/2013, by 2 replies
  Jazz Piano Summer School

Jazz Piano Summer School 2013 Aug 17th-21st 2013 Led by Tim Richards, with John Crawford and Nikki Yeoh This exciting and intensive five-day course is su...

08/01/2013, by 6 replies
  *New* Master class - "Using the 15 Stylistic Elements, Plus a Few More:)

Join Dave for a spinoff of his popular YT video "15 Stylistic Elements for the Advanced Jazz Pianist". New elements include Ghost Notes, 2 level LH, Smashc...

08/01/2013, by 3 replies
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