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  2-5-1 excercises more interesting

[sf]Hi everybody! I'm a beginner in jazz piano and I'd be thankful for some advice from you! At the present I'm working on 2-5-1 progressions, learning t...

07/22/2013, by 4 replies
  Requesting readers for my new book release: Jazz Piano Notebook, Volume 2

Hi folks, I need a two or three people who want to go through my new Jazz Piano Notebook, Volume 2, and give me some feedback I can use for marketing (you...

07/30/2013, by 0 replies
  Articulation, at last.

Hey All, I just wanted to mention something that's hit me recently. A few months back I realised I was experiencing major satisfaction with the repertoi...

07/29/2013, by 5 replies
  Good sight reading important in jazz?

[sf]Hi everybody! I'd like to have you opinion on sight-reading in jazz improvisation. Here's my personal background: I've had some basic piano lessons a...

07/25/2013, by 3 replies
  How would you characterize Beegie Adair's playing style?

check this out: So for serious jazz listeners and players, I'm not sure where Beegie Adair fits in. But frankl...

02/26/2013, by 7 replies
  block chords

Hi, Just a question regarding the use of block chords if anyone could help. In general, every second block chord for any scale is diminished. Say if a bar ...

07/14/2013, by 4 replies
  I can't improvise...

I've started learning jazz piano for six months, and I've been practicing bebop improvisation for almost four months. I had played music and the piano (tho...

06/06/2013, by 16 replies
  Playing Music and Holding a Computer-Intensive Job

Hey Scot (and anyone else who would know). I remember that your other main gig is computer programming. Do you have any problems with strain/RSI's in you...

05/28/2013, by 5 replies
  Music reviewing/blogging

Hi All, this might be slightly off topic. But I thought this is a good place to get advice on the matter. Increasingly over the last few years, and more ...

07/10/2013, by 2 replies
  15 Stylistic Elements for the Advanced Jazz Pianist

Something to do until the verdict comes in:

07/12/2013, by 0 replies

I hope I'm allowed to ask two questions in a row :) I've been trying to practice the blues lately, but the I7 chord is driving me nuts. It's basically the ...

06/11/2013, by 19 replies
  Transcribing voicings?

If anybody has a method that works for them, it'll be great if you could share them.

07/04/2013, by 5 replies
  Spend some quality time with CHARLES IVES!!

Jazzbos, Spend some quality time on America's day with America's GREATEST composer, Charles Ives! This unique in-depth master class features his lesser-kno...

07/04/2013, by 0 replies
  Sad news for jazzpiano fans

05/29/2013, by 2 replies
  New jazz student...any advice helpful

To give you a little background to help you all help me, I've been playing piano for roughly 25 yrs (I'm 37). I've played primarily gospel and r&b. I was...

12/21/2012, by 8 replies
  Proper way to learn jazz and improvisation

Jazz evolved from the reharmonization of popular music. In technical terms, it means taking songs out of a diatonic context. Learning jazz means learning h...

04/08/2013, by 15 replies
  2 - 5 - 1 progression

I am new to jazz so I don't much about it and I probably ask a lot of stupid questions. Hope you people can put up with that. Every one tells me to start...

05/24/2013, by 2 replies
  Gigging piano sounds

For those of you who are out and about gigging, i was just wondering what you use for a good piano sound, where a real piano isn't available. Seems like a ...

05/28/2013, by 16 replies
  ...No Title...

Congrats! I've never heard anyone say: "Dang! I wish I didn't have a Nord."...

06/17/2013, by 0 replies
  Using YouTube or other "modern" methods to Copyright/Prove Authorship of Music

Hey gang. I'm thinking of putting some of my original music up on YouTube and/or play it live in the near future. However, for purposes of covering my as...

04/22/2013, by 6 replies
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