Best Pianos for Beginners

Hi, I'm new here and I would like to buy my kid a new Piano this coming holiday. Do you have any recommendation or suggestions on what to buy for my 7 year...

11/29/2016, by 1 reply from 12/06/2016
  ...No Title...

11/29/2016, by 0 replies
  Hello everybody

I'm 21 years old and I've been playing piano for 2 years and I love jazz.i could not live without music and I know all you feel the same! Keep practicing...

06/26/2015, by 1 reply from 07/01/2015
  Peace and blessings!

Who's the youngest??? I'm 23.

01/21/2011, by 0 replies
  Message number: 48049

A if you have classical background then it give you a better understanding and foundation and then make you a powerful jazz player.

01/12/2011, by 0 replies
  am new

Hello y'all!my name is pianointed,am new and am eager amd willing to learn.thank y'all...

12/27/2010, by 0 replies
  where to start?

new jazzists, where did you start? with what techniques/books/songs ect.

11/04/2010, by 0 replies

[sf]Sup guys? I'm trying for Jazz piano at my HS next year. Yet, I do not play Jazz piano, I just widow/watch for regular piano(some classical, some ...

10/19/2010, by 0 replies
  how to do schedule for prastice jazz piano

I want to know how to do schedule for prastice jazz piano when you begining.I'm can't to do how is the best for to start .Thank you very much.

06/07/2010, by 0 replies
  hi ya all

[sf]hi ya all ma names not particularly new to jazz but i waanna reaaly understand the voicings and master them ho w about tou guys...

03/07/2010, by 0 replies
  Noobie needs work

Well I just started taking jazz piano lessons like a month or so ago, and I've finally memorized the 2-5-1 chord progression in all 12 keys. That includes ...

03/19/2009, by 0 replies

I'm the opposite from you, Clifton! I can do classical, but not jazz! I want to learn, though.

03/02/2009, by 0 replies

hi, i am a pianist, but i dont know much aboutt jazz,can u put me thru........... or wat do i do precisely...

09/04/2008, by 0 replies
  Message number: 38537

I can incapable of writing jazz. Can I make a thread about this? The format here is confusing for me.

11/24/2007, by 0 replies
  help me

hello everyone, I really want to learn piano jazz. All I can do is classical piano, but I suck at that so I want to play jazz. I know some basic theor...

11/15/2007, by 0 replies
  hello guyz..

Hi guyz? How r u? Nice 2 heff diz time wid u.. Let me introduce myseLf: my asL Teddy, 21, Indonesia I'm Jazzy pianist & Love 2 know more 'bout tec...

10/11/2007, by 0 replies

hey...nobody is here. WOOHOO I sort of have a piano emergency and nobody to help me...

09/11/2007, by 0 replies

Ironic, I have a difficult time with jazz, but I can really do classical piano!...

08/20/2007, by 0 replies
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