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Scot Ranney- jazz pianist, composer, computer geek, ski bum.

For more pictures and other information, go to Scot's MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/scotranney

• Dec 20, 2008, Christmas Concert Recap

Scot recently played a summer jazz piano concert at the Whatcom County Museum. Richard Vanderway from the museum said, "Thank you for sharing your talent, your music, and your enthusiasm for your music and for our community. We all left the museum a bit happier, a bit more buoyant, and a bit more enthused about the day and this place where we all live. Thanks for making us a part of your music."

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• LearnJazzPiano.com
• more photos, background, etc...

If you're looking for a Bellingham piano player, or someone to play for your event anywhere else in the Northwest, contact Scot for more information.

Scot has been playing and teaching jazz and jazz piano since the late 1980's. Scot also lived in East Asia where he played music and led bands in places like Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, and other Pacific Rim cities. Scot moved to Colorado after that and soon became the house pianist at the Ritz-Carlton in Aspen for several years.

With nearly four thousand piano nights on stage in some of the best venues in the world, Scot has the experience it takes to play music that's just right for any occasion.

Use the space below to contact Scot about booking him for performances, parties, workshops, and other events.

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One of Scot's online projects is a free website devoted to the art of jazz piano. LearnJazzPiano.com has grown into the biggest jazz piano related site online.

Scot lives in Bellingham, a city in the Northest corner of Washington just a few minutes from the Canadian border. For a smaller town, Bellingham has a nice jazz scene. Part of that scene is the weekly jazz jam that Scot ran for nearly six years at the Boundary Bay Brewery.

Scot performs throughout the Northwest, from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Portland, Oregon, playing solo piano music for parties and dining, and assembling jazz bands for everything from swing dances to psychadelic Halloween parties.

Scot's new band is called The Scot Ranney Eclective. The music is a jazzy/reggae/funky fusion, easy to dance to, and a lot of fun to listen to. Previous bands have included Chico's Paradise which got it's start back in Aspen, Colorado in 1996, Area 52, and the Seattle Jazz Mercenaries.

Listen to some of Scot's live music below.
The music files below are for demonstration purposes only. Sales and/or distribution is prohibited by law.
Boundary Bay Brewery Sept 7 2004 (jam session), Doug Miller- bass, Paul Sorensen- tenor sax, Grant Wilson- drums

  Don't Get Around Much Anymore download

Wedding, July 31st, 2004 (guitar sat in for a solo): Ev Stern- bass, D'Vonne Lewis- Drums

Swing Dance Jazz:

  Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You download
  Makin' Whoopee download
  C Jam Blues download

Funky Esoteric Jazz:

  Stolen Moments download

Solo Piano:

  Smile (Chaplin) download
  Georgia (Ray Charles) download
  My Funny Valentine download

The Scot Ranney Eclective/Chico's Paradise Funky Party Music:

  Thursday Night (reggae jazz original) download
  What's In Your Pocket (original) download
  Dancing Cats (original) download