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Thank you Scot for the tip, I understand how that can be useful. At the same time, I didn't really allow myself to go past "The Basics" but whe...

03/03/2007, by 0 replies
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Next? Learn a new song and apply new techniques to it. Next? Transcribe! Transcribe some solo piano music. That will always help you to the next le...

03/01/2007, by 0 replies
  What next?

Scales, 2-5-1's, learning chords and all the triads, 7ths and 9ths in songs as I go along....What else can I do to move along, once I memorize a song and ...

02/26/2007, by 0 replies
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If you scroll to the bottom of the page there is a link to click for the forum compilation...

02/02/2007, by 0 replies
  Forum Compilation Search

It is recommended that new Jazz students read Forum Compilation. Have searched LJP and can't find a path to this publication. Any help? Gandydancer44...

01/17/2007, by 0 replies

Hello !! First of all, Happy new year to all on the site, may 2007 bring to you all you desire, lots of good notes, for example... I've gotten the 2-5-...

01/15/2007, by 0 replies
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For what it's worth, I like to practice different scales in each hand - for example, my LH might play C major while my RH plays E major. This helps me to ...

01/06/2007, by 0 replies
  How do you practise scales?

Hi, as I still need to learn the major scales both for technique and for music theory I'm putting together scale exercises for band in a box, as I don't li...

01/06/2007, by 0 replies

Thank you so much, this site is really helpful. I would like a chord sheet if possible. Danke...

12/19/2006, by 0 replies
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Thank yopu for the tutorial. please i need information on chord progression...

12/18/2006, by 0 replies

Hi Scott, I've been practising the 2-5-1 progression with the two hand open/closed five note voicing, and that seem to bee making some nice sounds, but, ...

12/11/2006, by 0 replies
  New to the site

I am new to this site and I can already tell that I am going to like it. There seems to be endless resources that will prove to be very useful.

12/01/2006, by 0 replies
  Finger Dexterity

For this kind of finger dexterity, the old standard Hanon exercises work , also practicing your scales can help. When practicing you scales, go really slo...

11/22/2006, by 0 replies
  Finger dexterity

[sf]I'm having issues with my left ring finger as I play the chords. It is not as supple as my right and I find it hard to lift it out of the way. Will tim...

11/22/2006, by 0 replies

Thanks for the site Scott. Am looking forward to progressing with help from this spot. BTW, we lived in Mount Vernon, WA. for 15 years and always found Bel...

11/21/2006, by 0 replies
  Chord sheets?

Where do i find chord sheets for songs and also jazz/blues scales written down?...

11/16/2006, by 0 replies
  Message number: 31196

Thanks Scot. It might be painful but it'll have to be done i suppose. I'll keep you updated with my progress. Cheers...

11/14/2006, by 0 replies
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Finn- you should learn tunes, but at this stage, don't fill up your brain learning a lot of different tunes. Pick one, like Green Dolphin Street, and lear...

11/13/2006, by 0 replies
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How do i send midi files so you can hear my level. When i say i can jam blues in C its probably still very limited. Should i be working on ii-v-I progress...

11/13/2006, by 0 replies
  no problem

Thank you for your encouragement, I'm doing all right and I figured out the lead sheets, that is to say that the lines are measures, etc. I just took a bet...

11/13/2006, by 0 replies
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