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Hi, I asked this question not long ago, here it is:

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  dorian and minor pentatonic scale fingering

is there any specific fingering that is best for these scales, and does the ABRSM examining board require a certain formula?...

08/14/2008, by 0 replies
  2/2 time

[sf]Can you tell me please what is the differenc in playing in 2/2 time as opposed to 4/4 time. I understand that it means 2 minims in a bar, but how is t...

08/13/2008, by 0 replies
  Scaley Fingers

Hi folks, 'fraid I'm pretty much a complete newbhead when it comes to scale technique. Question is, could anyone please point me in the direction of a fin...

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05/19/2008, by 0 replies

How do you download files on this site - help...

03/03/2008, by 0 replies
  Message number: 39902

Thanks for the advise. Yes, I am finding lots of really good resources in this forum, and, as you said, it takes some time to unearth them. Thanks for al...

01/22/2008, by 0 replies
  Message number: 39881

Bad timing is usually a result of not knowing the stuff you're playing. So, turn your metronome on and play something you know really well, f blues or som...

01/21/2008, by 0 replies
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Tap your foot, that might help a bit...

01/20/2008, by 0 replies
  Timing in Improvisation

Hello all, one major problem I am having is to keep track of the timing during improvisation. Either, I try to concentrate on the timing and therefore on ...

01/18/2008, by 0 replies
  Message number: 39737

Mestizzo - I'm not sure that there is ONE way to learn the things you want to do since, in this topic, there are so many different learning styles and what...

01/17/2008, by 0 replies
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Hellooooooo? (And the echo soars out into the emptiness...)...

01/15/2008, by 0 replies
  learning all chords in a more natural way

Hello everyone and thank you for all the help you provide jazz lovers, piano lovers or just passionates of music in general like myself. Here's my quest...

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  Message number: 39361

All this time I have been looking for a free pdf creator, but I never found one. Thanks, Scot for giving me that free pdf creator! I'll change the files...

12/31/2007, by 0 replies
  Message number: 39360

I think those new exercises should have been uploaded as pdf files. You can get a good free pdf maker here:

12/31/2007, by 0 replies
  The Next Chord

How do you know whats the best chord to play next when you are composing a song?...

12/09/2007, by 0 replies
  help to start

hi, Ive been studing clasic music by 5 years. My question is how you thik i must start to learning jazz. I play piano...Im not a great pianist but I can re...

12/05/2007, by 0 replies

Hey I'm in a Jazz band in high-school, and I was wondering what all should go good together in a jazz solo. I know this is a very broad question, but im ju...

11/30/2007, by 0 replies

[sf]i'm new piano player. i want to play jazz. but i just started to play 2 months back. i'm 19. i go to a teacher but he make me play exercises. it that r...

11/28/2007, by 0 replies
  scale fingerings

I know some major chords have different fingerings. I am most familiar with 12312345(the fingering for the C Major scale) I have used that fingeri...

11/16/2007, by 0 replies
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