i have for a little while now been interested in combining classical and jazz sounds.  the aspect of jazz i enjoy is its rich harmony and the freeness of improvization.  i love classical music, though, for it's well thought out, intricately designed sections.  i have been thinking recently about how one could combine those two aspects in a single piece of music.  the typical jazz format seems to be [head - trade solos - optionally trade fours - repeat head].  what i would like to do is to include prearranged classical or jazz-classical hybrid sections throughout the song.  current jazz form, though, seems to limit prearrangement to the head section.  

when i say "prearranged sections", what i really mean is spaces of time where the interaction between two or more players is at least partially scripted.  this could mean, as in the case of classical music, that each person reads exactly off a page.  in this case, there needs to be be some agreed form telling the improvisers when to play the prearranged section:  do we do it after each person solos?  or when one player signals everyone else with a lead-in phrase?  etc..

alternatively, when i say "prearranged sections", it could  mean something slightly less restrictive than that.  maybe, for instance, the song could specify a set of call-response pairs, such that when one player blows one line, another player blows the response or blows the accompanying line.  

i guess what i'm really looking for is ways to embelish or extend the traditional form into something richer that can include written out sections or sections with more interaction than simply 1 person solos and (n - 1) people comp.  does anyone  else have ideas or experience here?
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