the scholarly books written on the subject are contradictory as to the nature of consonant production.

"whistled languages" by andré classe and r.g. busnel 1976

"el silbo gomero: analisis lingüistico" by ramon trujillo  1978 (my english translation 1990 is in the library of congress in washington dc - but it has never been published).

in my work "compilation of selected references to the gomeran whistling language" 1991 (also unpublished. but a copy is in the library of congress), i attempt to show the major sources of conflict between the conclusions drawn in the two works mentioned above.

another book entitled "speech surrogates: drum and whistle systems" thomas soebek (editor) 1976, attempts to catalog every form of human non-verbal communication, including the gomeran whistling language. (eg. it covers drum communication systems, african languages that use tongue clicking, etc.)
numerous articles have also been written on the subject. mostly full of speculation and fallacies.

there is a spanish government website for tourists that deals with the charming island of la gomera, and there is mention of the phenomenon but no real info.

there is a school of whistling on la gomera (or there was last time i was there in 1992).

learning to produce the whistle is a piece of cake, but as with any language the difficulty lies in understanding what is being said.

there are only about 6,000 people living on la gomera and only about 2/3 of them are fluent in the whistling language. consequently nobody really else cares about it. pity.

la gomera's main claim to fame otherwise is that it was  columbus' last port of call before his discovery of the "new" world. there is also a little scandal concerning columbus' alleged love affair with the woman who ruled the island of la gomera at that time - beatrice de bobadilla.

all  the best!

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