i very much appreciated what clifford suggested to do on summertime a couple of posts down.  can anybody make some suggestions about how to analyze mccoy's solo's on "my favorite things" with coltrane on the same album.  clearly there  is lot of "quartile" harmony and block chords, but my ear is not good enough yet to catch all the inner voicings.  any suggestions would be much appreciated.  drsam7
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the real book chart has little similarity to coltrane version.
(on the record, the bass plays an e drone throughout, never any other chord change.) and the c section is reserved for the end of the tune.
i spent many hours and figured  out all mccoy's exact voicings for that original recording of my favotite things. mccoy plays the same voicing sequences over and over, he clearly worked them out though he slightly varies the order on different choruses and recordings.

the first part goes:

8 bar intro
8 bar vamp (e-)
letter a (e- 16 bars)
8 bar vamp (e-)
letter a (e- 16 bars)
16 bar vamp (e major)
letter b (16 bars e major)
letter a (e- 16 bars) soloing begins...

after the first intro mccoy vamps (no melody)
| e-9 | f#-9 | e-9 | f#-9 | | e-9 | f#-9 | e-9 | f#-9 |

letter a (melody)
| e-  | e- maj7 | e-7 | e-maj7 |
| a- ( 3 5 6 9) | a- ( 6 1 3 5) | a- ( 3 5 6 9) | a- ( 6 1 3 5) |
| a- ( 3 5 6 9) | a- ( 3 b5 6 9) | b-7/e | f/e |
| a- ( 3 5 6 9) | a- ( 6 1 3 5) | a- ( 6 1 3 5) | f#dim7/e |

i'll give you the b section later,(mccoy uses almost no 4ths voicings on the original recording.)
i have it transcribed carefuly into a sibelius file.
i liked the way outcast play this song its on the speakerbox love below album. the pianist name is um oh i cant think of it right now, but he's smoking.

jazz+, thats very helpful.  can i get your email?  or alternatively, here is mine;  sgilmore@uci.edu     email me and i will reply.  thanks, drsam7
hi jazz+

can you supply the changes for the b section of mccoy's favorite things?


btw here's my email if needed:  chromefree1@mac.com
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<br>thank you, useful
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dear jazz+!

i'm trying to learn the piano parts for this particular version of my favorite things - it's now my phone ring tune so i became quite addicted to it.
could you post / send me the sibelius file you mentioned?
do you have a (more) complete version by any chance?
my mail is natloz.renrew at gmail dot com

thank you!
cheers, zoltan
the real book has little similiarity to any recorded jazz ;-)
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