i just wanted to write a quick note here in the philosophy section about my belief in the significance in the master jesus. although he was born on march 15 (and not dec.25) some 2000 years ago, i think that it is very important for everyone to remember the birth of this great being, because everyone-in one way or another- has been touched for the better by him. i don't believe that he was the one and only son of god, but rather a very advanced intelligence not originally from  this earth--a being referred to as a cosmic avatar. whose appearance is extremely rare in the annals of world history. other avatars who have come to earth are moses, buddha, krishna, confucious, patanjali and the lord babaji, to name a few.
i  believe that he travelled to the east--to tibet--where he recieved some secret initiations into mudra yoga(the ancient science of using hand signs) and mantra yoga(the ancient science of using chants said in sanskrit). these initiations enabled him to levitate--in which he could walk on water because the body is very lite--and perform other feats in which a normal individual obviously couldn't perform.
but the main mission of jesus--a master of yoga by the way--was to  arrange for his own death at the precise cosmic moment so that he could perform a karmic manipulation in which he could take the negative karma of mankind upon himself and by doing this he relieved mankind of having to suffer through a dire catastrophe that was due in those days. there is no such thing as forgiveness of sins, especially from a karmic point of view. karma is the all pervasive law of the universe which is "as you sow, so shall you reap". this catastrophe would  have set mankind's evolutionary progress back for thousands of years. and this is the true and primary mission of the great individual whose birthday we are soon to celebrate. his teachings were also part of god's cosmic plan, but were actually  secondary to the main reason that jesus came to this earth. hope you all have a great christmas and let's not forget the real "reason for the season."
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