a few points on the maths and music debate.  

i agree that the constructions and rules of maths are immutable, but they are an abstract construct formalised by humans to describe the universe that we exist in and the extrapolations that can be taken thereof.  without intelligence 'maths' would not exist, however, the relationships it describes (being abstract notions themselves) are not dependent on our awareness.

music, as pointed out earlier, can be described in mathematical terms (maybe not easily) if it is viewed entirely from an acoustical point of view.  the appreciation of music is again something completely different.  musical sounds are only pleasant from a human perspective; we enjoy perfect fifths and thirds, but disharmonious sounds are painful to listen to.  the act of listening involves the sounds themselves, our physiology and and our experience.  in fact music is not inherently beautiful (in a mathematical sense) as  the modern scale is based on equal temperament, allowing the circles of fifths and thirds to co-exist in one tuning by slight modification of their ratios.  the modern scale is not perfect mathematically (and it is impossible to force the perfect ratios into one scheme) but it sounds good to us.  the difference between mathematical perfection and musical practicality has been a philosophical debate for centuries; the book 'temperament' by stuart isacoff does an exellent job of  charting the history and mathematical roots of this subject.

so in conclusion, i agree that the subjects mathematics describes are inherent to our universe, but contend that both the formalisation of mathematics is a human construct (clearly limited by the parameters of our own existence) and that music although describable in mathematical terms to a certain extent is not inherently beautiful of itself but requires our perception of it.
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