i sprang for a pair of sennheiser headphones...and after 1 1/2 days i'm hooked.  everything is soooooo clear.  i can't listen to half of the mp3's i have now (at least with these phones) because everything below cd quality just sounds muddled now.  words like grado and soundstage have now entered my vocabulary. anyone else had a similar experience? (with any sort of high-end audio?)


i can see my money being sucked away by hi-fi as we speak.
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listing to audio on your headpones always reveals more detail. for my electric piano (yamaha p-90) i have akg k 141 studio headphones. it's like playing a grand piano! amazing!...

i think you should not listen to much to music with your headphones on, it damages your hearing. and that's the thing we can only lose once!
and that brings us to such things as studio monitors and loudspeakers.
i use an old pair of jbl's along with some small klh computer
speakers. i'm in the market for an amplifier for my yamaha synth.
what have you guy's got?
i have sennheiser headphones too, and very happy of it.
i use dynaco a-25 speakers.  they're 30 years old or so, and are certainly not flat, but i'm used to the way they sound (and, goes without saying, i enjoy the sound).  these won't work for a synth.  i've been thinking about getting some of the low-end yamaha or alesis monitors for keyboards at home, but it seems a shame to lay bread down just for practicing -- i'd rather buy a better mixer for live or one of the new gem piano modules when they become available.  

i don't know why choosing an amplifier should be difficult for a synth -- pick one which has the amount of power you require to drive your speakers at the volume you like.  if it's just one synth, you won't need any preamp-like features.
what are the gem piano modules?
there was a link from a press release posted yesterday at musicplayer forums -- the gem promega iii pianos have apparently been put into a rack module in prototype and will be available sometime soon (one hopes!) for an unspecified price.  i've wanted to upgrade to a gem promega ii or iii for a while, but couldn't justify the expense, so it's something i'm looking forward to.

don't have a link, but it should be pretty easy to find out about over there.
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