as a classically trained pianist, i am doing really good interpreting chords and melodies, though i don't know as many jazz voicings at this moment. however, i find my one main problem with jazz is making it "sound" like jazz. what i mean is adding the right accents and cresendos to make it sound really professional. i listen to a lot of jazz, mainly oscar, bill evans, chick corea, art tatum and the giants of jazz piano, and i know the simple stuff, like putting a bit more accent on weighted notes, etc., and i can hear it enough to know what it should sound like, and i try to cater to what my ear tells me it should be. but when i try to play it i never know when to accent what, and what exactly should do to get that nice "jazzy" sound in my playing, and sometimes it comes off sounding "bland" or odd. i hope you understnad what i'm talking about. is there any book on this i could maybe pick up, or does anyone have any pointers?  

here's a good example of what i'm talking about: do you hear how he accents the notes to give it that really great professional sound? i try the same thing but i never know how to do it. thanks again.
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in general:

accent "+" in both swing and even eighth note lines.
play eighth notes legato except when followed by a rest.
play quarter notes detached.
like jazz+ said, practice playing legato and accenting the off-beats.
even more importantly, listen, listen, listen.
listen to jazz constantly.  you must internalize the sound and feel.
it's all i listen to, and it is internalized. the problem is, when i try to play what i feel, it never comes out the way i want it to sound, so a technical breakdown of some sort helps alot.
practicing that legato thing with offbeat accents helped me a lot.
thanks proace for the plug! - it is my video file that you refer to above.  
the video is nothing special, but it, like all the other videos i have done sets out to provide some examples of playing in context - with a commentary for students who may know lots of theory but have trouble actually applying their knowledge to well known standards.
i usually record the video (using a cheap webcam), and the audio as line-in to either an iriver mp3 player that allows direct encoding to mp3 or to my pc. at the same time on my yamaha p250 piano i midi-record, so that this is in sync with the video.  
as soon as possible, i add the comments to the video (which has had the audio track added), using windows movie maker as i listen back.

i then publish the video and the midi file on my site at

i love your videos. your talent and generosity are a real inspiration.
this video was so clear and helpful.  thank you for letting us view
a really great performance with bonus footnotes!
thanks doug, i have many times gone to your site and partook of the bountiful offerings that you have posted. you are truly to be admired and appreciated for your efforts, which indeed have helped me quite substantially. thanks again!
peace out.
doug, i'm a long time fan of your on-line recordings and videos. please keep adding more as they are really appreciated. they're one of a kind on the net.
doug is the man!
hey doug that video is really inspiring, id love to know what exactly those bluesy oscar licks are, i hear him play them all the time, but i just can't transcribe them.  for example i know its cheeky but please could you spell out the lick at 2mins 47seconds and 3mins 24seconds?  does anyone else know what these oscar type licks are, ive wanted to know forever!! thanks!
jazzjasper - i just attached to my post above the midi file that i recorded with the video - but with the midi tempo adjusted so that the notes line up correctly on barlines. put it in a notation/sequencing program, and you should be able to figure it out with a notation display. in the free vanbasco player, you can slow down the tempo and watch the keyboard display.
yup these videos are reaaallly great - perhaps some of the other jazzerati boffins on this site could post some stuff up at youtube .  

actually - that's just given me an idea to suggest to scot - i'll put it in the "suggestions" thread - but maybe he could make a video room with links to any relevant youtube videos.
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