first the told me "practice makes perfect"
then they told me  "nobody's perfect"


i stoped practicing.
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looks like you stopped spelling too  ha=ha ha
my kid's baseball coach revised it to:

"perfect practice makes perfect"

it's funny how many people will play a tune, make a mistake, correct it then continue.  they will repeat that same process over and over thinking (and hoping) it will somehow get better, when in fact they are actually teaching themselves to play it, make the mistake, correct it then continue......we are creatures of habit:)
trust your reflexes.
i think there are two types of practice.  
1.technique, reportaire, etc.
2.practicing for a scheduled performance. to me the pressure makes your concentration higher and reveils more.
the old saw is true.  "how do you keep from making mistakes?"  "get more experience."  "how to get more experience?  make mistakes."
for those who read "free play", there's a cute story in there about a practice room inside a music school that had been turned into an office. there was a note on the door "this is no longer a practice room". some student added the following note:  
"now it's perfect"
um... it was a joke. :)
many a truth is spoken in jest.

- keats

(or somebody like that)

i think that was pretty cruel of them to get your hopes up and then pull the rug out from under you like that. i hope you didn't waste too much time practicing.

life is full of conflicting messages. some of my favorites:

"nothing ventured, nothing gained"
but "better safe than sorry"

"actions speak louder than words"
but "the pen is mightier than the sword"

"birds of a feather flock together"
but "opposites attract"

incidentally charlp88, i'm afraid you're wrong there.
ha does not equal ha ha. if i remember my algebra correctly,  
ha x 2 = ha ha.
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