hey i was looking at an oscar peterson / claude bolling video and it seemed (at least to me) that he was trying to outplay and duel wih oscar peterson. he didn't seem to want to let oscar play, it also seemed like oscar was geting a little frustrated with him,  here is the video:


anyway my question is have any of you ever encountered muscians like this, big egos etc. i have on more than one ocassion.

any comments?

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egos? musicians? nah....heh heh

heck, we have our share of it here!

btw, oscar cut him a new one:)
i wonder what the point was of even having oscar there if claude's not gonna let him play. how rude.
ok, ok, so it not just my imagination then right?  

i wasn't complelty sure, but i noticed a few times after trading bars oscar tried to come in and he wouldn't let him, i will admit that mr bolling is undoubtly a superb pianist, but he should have showed a little more consideration. i'm certain that he let his ego get the best of him and trying to prove that he is just as capable as oscar. i could have sworn he thought that they were at a cutting-contest.

lol@whack :)
always see people like that, but they are children.  once a musician grows up and is ok with his/her sound (and their own skin), they stop comparing themselves to other people and the competition ends.

of course, some people never grow up and that never happens.
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ah, but we don't know what has gone before!!  the video starts at the end of oscars solo, we don't know how long that was or if he had wound boiling up a bit by doing the same to him.  i must admit tho, oscar does look mighty peed off.
had a recent experience with a guitar sub in a big band i'm playing with. the guitarist, who i found out is a college music professor and had nice chops, sat near me. i introduced myself and got no responce. when we started the guy keep comping loudly not trading off between us. this went on song after song until about half the show was over. he never said a word to me.  
i googled him and found out he has a brother who plays pro keyboard.
not sure if that had anything to do with it. but was kinda strange.
i've not had the opportunity to jam with a lot of keyboard players - but have found the jams i have had to be friendly. however guitar, sax, and trombone players have all shown tendency to think that piano is secondary to their instrument. and let's not forget the diva who insists on singing all verses, choruses, and bridges even when the song is repeated more than once.
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