these photos take you inside the action of a digital piano.

i re-lubed the front guide posts in my fp4 because the black keys were making clacking nosies when they banged against the sides of the front guide posts. i used a slightly heavier grease than roland had originally applied. i used finish line teflon grease. apparently roland did not apply the grease very thoroughly in my unit and the grease had slipped down. my fp4's action is now silent and smooth. i did the same thing to my kawai es4 several months ago because it's black keys had all begun to clack.

photos of roland fp4 being lubed:

here are the photos from when i lubed my kawai es4's front guide posts. i simply wiped the existing grease back up and around the posts. it had not been applied carefully enough at the factory and it had slipped down. kawai says any white lithium grease will work. it is sold in auto parts stores.

photos of kawai es4 being lubed:

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speaking of an fp4, i just played one at a jam session. had a very sweet rhodes sound and the feel reminded me of that roland feel i used to like to much. i really enjoyed it. it has a definite different feel than my s90es, which i had just finished playing on a nearby gig for four hours. maybe more throw, just a little bit?  i like a lot of throw in my action, so that might have been it. i'll have to investigate a bit more next time i'm at the gc.
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hows did you like piano 1? it really needs good stereo speakers to do it justice. it has a dark tone but with noticeable bright overtones, good for jazz.
thanks for the shots. wondering if this should be a periodic maintenance and why the grease traveled. (left in a hot vehicle? is the grease temperature sensitive?)just gravity?
i have a roland a90, makes me wonder how loud is normal.
the grease probably was not applied carefully or thoroughly enough at the factory in my unit. i think friction and gravity also have an effect over time. also, the original grease might be a little too light weight, not sticky enough. it seemed a little lighter than standard white lithium grease which is ideal.
finish line brand is sold at bicycle stores, they pack hubs with it. kawai uses white lithium grease for the es4 which is what i used in the kawai es4, it's sold at every auto parts store. the grease in the roland was also white, so it may also be white lithium grease.
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