i guess this is a hush hush, but what's the deal with the fifth edition?  are they still around, as in still being produced underground?  or have they been phased out pretty much?  i could have sworn i saw a guy selling realbooks at a stand around soho here in ny.  just like the guys that sell the bootleg script books.

(i don't think i said anything illegal in this post did i?)
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i was glad to replace my  real book 5th edition with the real book sixth edition. the large numbers of errors in notes, rhythms and chords, have been corrected. they also cut out a lot of useless tunes, although i counted 7 standards that got cut too. but they added other standards back in.
is this the hal leonard version we're talking about, or that real book of jazz mistakes from the 80's?   is that one still being updated, or did hal leonard take over when the put out the "legal" version?
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hal leonard has put out a legal look alike of the old real book. it's called real book sixth edition. it has the same style cover and the font of the charts is easier on the eyes.
i was wondering if the old one was still circulating, since it seemed like a guy was selling it on the streets.  hal leonard put out the real book sixth edition, which is the legal one, destined to become the new standard.  i believe all other versions have also been fixed and re-printed legally by hal leonard.

yes, they're available by means of someone photocopying the book for you. i got mine through a friend who made me a copy.i paid him what it cost to print and it was still more than the cost of the sixth edition.
is the 6th spiral bound?  i hate that because i can't easily get songs out but have to go copy them if i want to put them in a personal book.  i do like to font on my old (very) real book.
the font of the new edition is an imitation of the old font, but the new one much clearer looking.
i own "the new real book" from sher music co.  is this the dreaded
book of mistakes and useless jazz songs from the 80's?
no, the old one is specifically titled real book fifth edition, and it not published by company.  it's a bootleg, copied illegally.
not to say that the chuck sher books aren't very good -- it's too bad they never "caught on" to the same extent as the old real book.  introductions, tags, better harmonies, including common variations, some *useful* fusion and pop tunes.
from what i've seen, the sher fake books have caught on to an extent.  that's all i see when kids come to jam sessions, the sher music books. i only see older guys with the old real books.
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

Scot is available for skype jazz piano lessons (and google hangouts, phone call, etc...)
Use the contact link at the top of the page.
the problem i have with the sher books is that he overloaded them with difficult fusion tunes that chuck sher liked and that people rarely play. he also included a bunch of tunes by his friends. it's as if he had an agenda in promoting certain styles and tunes. of course there are a loit of useful tunes in his books too, but those standards to a large extent overlap with the old real books.
there's a sher fake book that contains less fusion tunes, and more standards: 'the standards real book'.

there's also a sher one called (i think) 'the jazz real book', which has more jazz tunes and less standards (eg: t monk and c parker rather than gershwin or cole porter), but i haven't seen it. does anyone have a copy?

it 's worth pointing out that both the original (bootleg) real book and the sher 'new real book' series both ran to three volumes. quite an investment to buy all three of either...  

a lot of guys seem to have picked up a cd that's circulating which contains pdf files of all these fake books, plus some others too. ironic - a bootleg of a bootleg!
"bootleg of a bootleg"
ha ha  kind of full circle i guess.

the sher book that i own has "you needn't' and  'ornithology'.
it also has 'autumn leaves', 'tune up' and other standards and even  
'i love lucy' (randy cole) and 'masquerade' (george benson).
i've got the bootleg cd but have also purchased nearly all of the sher books over the years; the books aren't very robust for taking out to gigs so it's useful to be able to print out single pages from the cd.

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