well every famous jazz musician in history took performance enhancing drugs to set the personal records they set.  ie miles, coltrane, bill evans, etc etc etc... name a famous jazz musician that set the foundation and ill show you a junkie who took heroin to enhance his perfomance.  and i am supposed to ignore bonds achievents because he took some steroids.  not.  that would mean i would have to ignore the accomplishments of every jazz musician i have spent my entire life learning how to play like them.
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their drug abuse and dependencies, not because of them.

i feel like steroids give an athlete a distinct muscular advantage. however, i've seen musicians play while extremely high and i don't feel like it's any better than when they are sober.

i've seen one particular current jazz luminary many times when he's been on tour around here, and a few times he has been so high that his performance has been tragically poor, despite being one of the best and most influential players on the scene today.

just my thoughts.
i admire greatness regardless of how it is achieved :)

personally, i'm less inhibited and more creative after i've had a few cold ones, but unfortunately my muscle coordination goes out the window therefore i can't really play.  then, my judgment goes out the window and i start feeling like i'm playing much better than i am.  fortunately at that point i no longer care and enjoy myself immensely :)
....now if i could achieve that level of non-judgmental creativity without a few belts...i think that's the answer!
i know many performers who think they sound better or sing better or dance better while on drugs ,but the reality is that they are not. i am speaking from personal experience charlie
i agree with you hepcat.  but the intent was different than the result.
so barry bonds is just a more successful, smarter, or more effecient drug user.
if i take steroids, will i play faster?

-sarcastic bud

p.s.: it's sad to say but if they were no drugs,we didn't had sargent peppers...
lol, and def no whiter shade of pale and go ask alice
hello another 2cents   sports players acheive a physical benefit from steroids or whatever while musicians are seeking mental benefits
hey bud you will be able to throw your axe farther
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