i have to decided to sell one of my grand pianos.
i have had two grand pianos in my living room for a long time now
and have finally decided one is enough.  to sell i guess i will put an adv on craigslist and a small classified in the local paper..
i am looking for suggestions for how to sell a grand piano...
any ideas?  
i am not trying to sell it on this site... i know that is not what this site is for.... i am looking for advise on how to sell a piano.
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mike..find the best piano technician in the area where you live, and have him tune it and get into top shape.
if you don't now, gather some knowledge on the piano, how old it is, where it was made, what it's made of--and just some knowledge of pianos in general--functions of the keys, hammers, strings, bridge, soundboard, pin-block, case--a good idea to find out what they are made of too.

place an ad somewhere in a place where people will be looking at pianos for sale. when they phone' be courteous!--don't tell them too much about the instrument--the idea here is to have them come and look at it. when they come over dress well, gave a clean tidy house--no jeans/sweatshirts-- offer coffee even--treat it as it were the greatest piano in the world, offer some of this knowledge you have gained--but don't overdo it, but be ready if they  ask for it, and you'll have it sold in a week.

(i was once a piano salesman..at a steinway dealer )
i don't know the answer to this question, but maybe somebody else does.

should one state a price above what you really expect to get for it, like is standard for selling cars?  the advantage of this is that when you ask for a higher price peoploe think the instrument is worth more, and then feel like they are getting a deal when you lower the price.  maybe this isn't standard practice for selling pianos, though.

some other advice:  you have a limited set of people who will be looking for a grand at any one time.  don't advertise it until you have done everything to prepare it (everything casparus said above).  

my neighbor made a mistake of trying to sell his house while he was in the process of getting it cleaned up, and everybody who was looking for houses saw it in the first week of advertising and very few have seen it since he got it cleaned up.
mike--sorry, i did forget to mention--the technician should be able to make an assessment on your piano, if not--find one who does--he may charge a few extra bucks, but it will give you a good idea of its market value.

marksdg--this should answer your question as well.
also appear extremely sad to part with it.  

tell them that you composed some of your finest works on that piano, and that it just breaks your heart to sell it.

don't tell them about the orgies you had on top of it, or any of the stories about goats and dwarves.
lol...   thanks guys.  i already know everything about the piano, and i am sad to part with it and why shouldn't i tell them about the orgies?
  but i guess i was more kind of hoping for ideas on how to advertise or market it.
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