there was a link on the keyboard mag. forum that had a bud powell solo line in slow motion. i have searched but cannot find it, does anybody know where it is? i thought it would be interesting to hear his fast swing/accents in slow motion.
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this is the recording and original post

legatoboy "no! this is not me! it's bud powell, but i'm working on it, considering it's the definative bud i thought i'd throw it up for the taking. i have some really good variable speed pc software and this came out crystal clear, you can change key and speed like alot of them do! (the amazing slowdowner software 30$ or so, much better than all the freeware stuff i tried first!) "
can't wait to hear this. it is the first solo (sort of dis-chords) that mystifies me.

i find that if i listen to bouncin' a few times my playing seems to get a bud like feel!

thanks for the link!

i assume that a recording played at half speed makes the swing ratios sound twice as wide as they were actually played.  

that half speed version is at tempo 84, so the original was at tempo of 168, which is not very fast and actually sort of medium for be bop players. notice that at this tempo powell frequently uses spurts of sixteenth notes among his usual swing eights. notice how powell's timing lays way back behind the bass players pulse. this is one of the secret qualities of swing and something that alludes beginners or amateurs who don't or can't play there swing eights behind the bass players pulse. they play too much on top of the beat or worse rush in front of it constantly. players like oscar peterson, monty alexander, and gene harris tend to play their eight notes closer to being on top of the pulse than powell. that's a large part of what makes their phrasing sound so peppy. players like wynton kelly, red garland, monk, evans, like powell, layed it back more.  

it would be interesting to hear powell's timing on a recording actually recorded at tempo 86 without neing slowed down. it would not sound this layed back. i don't often hear jazz players playing swing eights at tempos as slow as 86.  they tend to double up everything at those slower tempos with sixteenths, triplet sixteenths or at least play continuous triplets instead of swing eigths.  

it would also be interesting to hear one of bud powell's tempo 300 solos at half speed and to hear how much swing ratio is exhibited between those tempo 300 eight notes.
thanks for that transcription of all god's children  
it can be heard played at tempo 260 here:
i didn't realize this was only at 168 originally. you're right jazz+, that's not too fast.

has another one(anthropology) that's also on youtube,plus some herbie(pee-wee).....
here's some more about bp,this is a little "overly-analytical" but if you scroll down to where he lists the subs bp uses it's worth checking out-
for some time now i have considered the head to bud powell's parisian thoroughfare to be the most important bebop head for jazz piano students to learn to play.
i love bud powell and at one time used to copy all his mannerisms (musical, that is).  unfortunately this includes his habit of snagging the odd adjacent key as he plays a line (listen carefully to the link given in jazzwee's post and you'll hear what i mean).  it can be exciting and wild in a bebop performance.  but it can be a difficult habit to break and leads to inappropriate sounds if playing in non-bop styles like k jarrett, h hancock etc.  so it's something to beware of if you get hypnotised by the amazing bud.

like a grace note swipe or or do you mean hammering a minor second by accident?
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