who do you think is the lamer a less good piano player...
jim brickman or david lanz?   who would lose in a competition here?
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i don't think jim could eat as much pizza as david - just a hunch though
well that is as useful as anything else you get in these competition threads
finally!  someone who understands me!  :)
...actually, i knew you would :)
sorry, but i don't know of jim brickman., i seriously enjoy david lanz. does that make me a pussy?
uh...isn't dave a friend of scott's?
i'm not familiar with david lanz other than hearing his name.  i'm just being silly because i think these comparison threads are silly.  rather than ignore them like a mature adult, i sometimes (usually) give in to my adolescent tom foolery:)  sorry if you were offended - none was intended to either you, david lanz or any of his family, friends and fans.

as for jim brickman....i have had students bring in some of his stuff to learn.  the stuff they have brought is nice "poppish" piano solos.  he has also had some hit songs featuring vocalists.  i have no idea if he eats pizza
david lanz is not bad on pachelbel's canon, i play like that too at weddings, brickman bores me.
brickman wrote a "standard" love-song that martina mcbride sang. it's a "weepy" chick song that is very popular at weddings. it's called valentine. imo, i think it's a well-written song. however, i've never consider him to be a great pianist.

lanz is a very good pianist and a good composer. the "new age" moniker he's identified with comes with the record label he was with -narada.  

now, who's worst? brickman is better at being a radio personality than a musician. but, lanz is now trying his hand at smooth jazz. now, it's a style he's not good at - really suxage.
hey, no ripping on david lanz. he's a personal friend of mine, a great guy, and a jamming pianist. he invented his sound back in the late 70's, everyone else copied what he did. i have enjoyed his early recordings for many years.  there is a simplicity to them and the themes are elegant.  lanz puts music in front of knowledge and technique which is one of the things that has always set him apart.

just because his commercial work laid down the foundation for every schlock new age freak out doesn't mean he can't play, and yes, his current stuff is purely there to fill up his wallet as far as i can tell.  

i'm defending his playing not only because he's a friend, but he has great fingers and one of the strongest ears i've ever seen (he can't read a note of music).  plus, before he started his new age thing he played with all sort of pop cats out there, toured with them, recorded, etc...

also, i'm not coming down on anyone who ripped on lanz, so don't worry about any of that, we all rip on various musicians at some time.
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

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on planet in a faraway galaxy, molecules arranged themselves in increasing complex forms. eventually there arose a mysterious property named consciousness that resided in arrangements known as creatures.  the creatures came to love the vibrations of strings. some creatures liked the overtones of the string vibrations to be ratios of low order integers such as 2:1, 3:2, etc.  another group of creatures liked more complex ratios such as 11:12.  the disparate groups had no respect for one another and engaged in all forms of ridicule and disparagement. each group believed it had special insights on the right way strings should vibrate. it was very sad.
exactly! music is an art form, not a competition. each person likes different kinds of music.
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