anybody have any experience with this keyboard?  seems pretty nice for $700. i'd love to hear about it from people who have actually used it:)
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they use a hydrolic fluid system in their keys action. you have to play to the bottom of the key stroke , unlike a real piano where the hammer is thrown half way and the resistance becomes lighter once the hammer is thrown. that constant resistance in the casio action makes my chops ache after a short while.  

the piano sound is not pleasant to my ears nor is the rhodes. the piano is too synthetic sounding for me.

for $1,015 plus $35 shipping you can get roland's fp4 which features roland's finest piano samples to date (these are a whole new generation of steinway samples unrelated to the previous roland fp model samples which were not so good but still better than casios current samples). for the first time every single note has been sampled at 4 dynamic layers. they do not sample every note on the casios, yamahas or kurzweils.
here is a demo of the px 110 which features the same steely piano sound as the px 200

here are a couple of demos of the woodier soundinng roland fp4 piano:

at you can hear the same midi file played by the px 200 and the fp7, very revealing.
the velocities are too high on those midi demos, i never play the fp with that sort of fff touch.
thank you.  i figured you would have info on it. i did play one last night for a while.  i got used to the action and kind of liked it, but like you,  the joints in my hands are kind of achy today - i've never experienced that before.  

the piano sounds were just okay - they reminded me of a roland rd 300 i once played on a gig.  not great, but probably good enough for the price and for the average new piano student looking for an alternative to a real piano.  

the internal speakers were adequate for at home practice, and maybe even a quiet solo gig in someone's home.

i wonder how they physically hold up over time - especially if they are moved around a bit - like light gigging.

i'm not really looking to buy one. a friend of mine just picked up the line and wants my opinion.  i think he's  looking for someone to help sell them.  i told him i'd love to try an fp4 before i would endorse the casio, but the fp4 just does not exist in st. louis.  guitar center hasn't even heard of it.  i can't see ordering one without playing it.  

it will really help  me to hear what others have experienced.

fp7 exists in guitar center, it has the same sounds a s a fp4 plus one extra organ. the fp7 action is stiffer and the speakers are a larger, it also has better display window and a port for a memory stick for midi, mp3 and wave files. the fp4 weighs 32 lbs (that's why i use it) and the fp7 is around 50 lbs.

i could not gig with a casio, it makes my chops too sore.

the piano sound on the casio compared to the roland fp/7/fp4?rd-700sx ( all same piano samples)is like comparing a young chang to a steinway b. or maybe like a chrysler to a bmw. it's worth the extra $300 for the roland. if i had the casio i would use it to control a module with the roland rhodes sound cards (srx-12), which i used to do on gigs.
thanks - i have played the fp7 (at guitar center).  i didn't care for the action, but i only played it a few seconds.  perhaps if i could fiddle around with touch sensitivity i would like it.  

i'd love to test drive the action on the fp4. the days of hauling around heavy equipment are definitely over for me:)

i had considered the casio with a module, but i'm not sure how i feel about the action yet.  if a keyboard's action doesn't feel right, it's not worth taking gigs on it :)
i own a px-100, paid $450 for it new, and i do like the action of it very much. i use it as a controller for a sound module, though the on-board sounds aren't half-bad, especially considering the price. i have gigged with this keyboard, it is super light-weight. i recently had my sound module die on me on a gig, i made it through just using the on-board sounds.  

it's a good practice keyboard, served me well when i didn't have a real piano to practice on. i always recommend it highly to people who are just looking for a good, cheap digital piano to practice on.
btw the module i own is a roland synth, an xv-5050 with both the srx-11 and srx-12 expansion cards, which i bought on jazz+'s recommendation. can't wait to get it back from the shop.
can you give a hint as to where you've found the fp-4 for that price, jazz+?  i can't find anyone local or online who can come close -- i'd like to pick one up for the reasons you mentioned (including what sounds like a very good rhodes, to my ears -- i don't know if you've mentioned that one specifically, but it works very well for me).
jaledin, private message me over on the other forum (musicplayer)
thanks, jazz+
i had a casio digital piano for a while, and apart from the heavy action, thought it was ok.  then one of the keys just stuck and i couldn't fix it.  i've moved back to yamaha for the reliability (and the action).
i played on the px 200 for about an hour the other night.  i was surprised by how expressive i was able to play.  i actually played some classical and ragtime on it.  i have never been able to do that on any kind of electric keyboard before.  usually either the action or the samples would do things i didn't ask them to do.  i did not have that problem with the px 200.

now, i have not played it through any sound sys other than the on board speakers.  unfortunately they did break up on me when turned up to a normal to above normal listening level.  i did notice that when i brighten up the samples, they sound less realistic.

so far, it seems like a lot of bang for your buck.  i will try to hunt down an fp4.  but if it's $300-400 more and does not have a weighted action, i may be inclined to endorse the casio...hmmm...more later
hi gang happy new year to you all.i recently had an opportunity to play a --yamaha  "nocturne"elec piano i would like someones opinion as to the sound and action and whatever relevant info you can give   cost about 2300$     thanks
hey charlp88,

since this thread is entitled casio px 200, it's not likely people familiar with a yamaha nocturne would poke around in here.  why don't you start a new thread?

maybe we should start a digital piano room??  maybe there already is one?

...wait a minute...i hate digital keyboards :)
i think having a room just dedicated to gear would be fantastic. i'm sure if there is one or not. something with a database and reviews like would be nice. i realize that this sort of thing takes a lot of time and scott is doing this on his own...
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