would doing push ups regularly on a daily basis have any impact on playing stride piano?
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so it wouldn't at all improve your ability to play stride piano?
could stiffen or injure your wrist. stride is "lift and drop" your arm, rather different than push ups.
what if you held your arms out to your side in the air as long as you could?
well, given the right breeze, you might take flight
being in shape is important for vigorous piano playing.  john mehegan recommends working out, including pushups.  i do 40 a day in the morning to get my blood moving, though i use some blocks of foam under my hand so i can curl my fingers a bit. i wouldn't do them on a flat floor, you can hurt your wrists that way.  the best yet are the handle things you can put on the floor and grip, specially made for pushups.
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being in shape makes you feel better- when feel better you play better.
warning: if you have had a history of tendonitis or wrist injuries then avoid push up.
why is all of this necessary? loveforjazz, your posts are about strengthening fingers and now pushups. keys are only 55gms or so. no need to pump iron to press 55gms. playing loud isn't too hard either. playing soft is harder.

imho, it's about control and not any kind of strength.
pushups will be necessary if you want to move your grand piano to the second floor...
i'm sorry, but listening to you guys talk about possibly getting hurt from doing pushups is funny.
i saw an intelligent teenager doing pushups under knives on youtube and been badly hurt...

i think ''jackass'' is the word to describe them, but i'm not sure...

p.s.: i am pretty sure he was not a jazz pianist.
wait until you're a little older ryan.  it just don't last forever!
if you place the piano on the floor you may be able to play with your nose
this is ridiculous- doing anything to get yourself into better shape can only help the other parts of your lives, including jazz piano.

if some of you can't do a pushup because of a poor choice in lifestyle or for other reasons, all the rationalizing in the world about how pushups aren't going to help a jazz pianist won't cover up the fact that being in good healthy shape can't possibly hurt you as a musician or human being.
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

Scot is available for skype jazz piano lessons (and google hangouts, phone call, etc...)
Use the contact link at the top of the page.
for what it's i've been doing pushups for over 30 years - if not every day, then every other day.  i do them flat handed, on my knuckles and gripping the bars of dumbbells.  i also lift light dumbbells, ride a stationary bike and walk my dogs 2 miles a day - take stairs instead of elevators whenever possible, park in the farthest parking spots from my destinations, basically try to incorporate as much exercise in my daily routine as possible - not necessarily to be a better player, but as scot said - be a healthier, more energetic person - which fights the aging process (i'm 48) and does have a nurturing effect on my playing.

i'd still be careful about holding your arms out to your sides in strong winds:)
f y i --- art tatum did zero pushups every day
i've already out-lived him :)
in your mind. his music will live forever do you want to play piano or do push ups?
heh heh - and maybe if he had taken better care of himself, he would have  lived long enough for me to see him live - not to mention all the great playing and recordings he might have done in those extra years:)

i did get to see oscar live - solo piano - what a memory!
...i now regret not asking him if he did pushups though :)
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