my trusty old yamaha p80 has started to lose it's touch sensitivity on certain keys.  
i seem to remember someone here (perhaps scot) saying how you could repair such a problem yourself. unfortunately i can't find the post by using the search feature.
if anyone can help at all in this i'd be most appreciative, especially if any parts i require may be accessed from the uk.
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to clean the contacts.
once you're inside your keyboard, do what 7 says.

to get inside your keyboard, think about the top of your keyboard being a lid.  you can usually take out a handful of screws from the bottom of the keyboard and then the lid opens up. you don't usually have to worry about wires or anything else, it's made to open up.

if there are any wires or anything complicated going on when you open it, be sure to take pictures so you can refer back to them when putting it back together.

once you're in there, you will have to remove the problem keys.  sometimes it's tricky to do that, don't force anything.  i think yamaha is generally not too tricky, just lift the keys up and out.  

some keyboards, like older rolands, have little clips that hold the keys in and you sometimes have to fabricate a little tool out of a paper clip or something to get to it.

anyway, once the keys are off - and in your case, maybe it would be a good idea to remove all the keys and clean all the contacts - you'll notice some rubber things, those are the contacts.  they are usually in strips around 6-10 inches long.  usually they are attached by little rubber extensions that fit into holes.  

carefully remove the contacts and examine them.  is the rubber stuff broken?  sometimes after years of heavy use, the rubber contact deal can wear out.  if so, call yamaha parts dept and order some, they are cheap and worth replacing if yours look like they might be too used.

ok, at this time, get some canned air and blow all the dust and other stuff out of your keyboard.  this will help.

once the dust is gone and have the contact off, there are little black things on the underside. clean those with denatured alcohol and a q-tip. same goes for the circuit board that the rubber contacts were attached to.  very lightly clean off the circuit board area that the contacts touched.

after the cleaned areas are dry (few minutes) carefully put the contact back on and a key or two to make sure you put it back on right.
If I'm not back in 24 hours, call the president.

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many thanks guys
i do the canned air routine periodically anyway.
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