my wife just bought me a new computer that came bundled with vista.

before this computer my midi was routed through the serial joystick port. vanbasco and cakewalk scorewriter had no problem finding the midi ports.

now i'm obliged to run through the roland usb-to-midi cable, and neither program can find the usb connection.

i'm thinking that it might be a problem with the software (cakewalk scorewriter is a product of the last century).

so either i need a modern enough notation program that can find midi going in and out thru the usb port (recommendations please - which a preference towards cheap or free software), or else i need to know how to get vanbasco and any other program to recognize the usb connection.

thanks ...
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i use midiman and it came with some software that had to be installed.
did your cable come with an install program?
correction, i use an emu xmmidi cable.  but it comes with an install disk.
you may need to update the drivers for vista. so go to the vanbasco and cakewalk sites to see if they have updated drivers. of course, using ancient programs may not work with vista.

but it seems like overkill when all i'm looking for is a simple notation program that you can input and output midi data to.

it says that you can edit music notation, but is it a full blown notation program? or what?


although i've worked quite a bit with cakewalk products and feel comfortable with their interface, i would certainly like to try some other decent notation programs that might be free (or at least cheap) and downloadable.

have you guys got any leads on something like that?
oh yeah ...

my cable does come with an install disk, and according to its status in the device manager it's installed properly and working just dandy.

my first assumption therefore is that the software i have is obsolete.
i don't get it !  
i have an old pgmusic program called the blues pianist (1996) and that program has no problem finding my usb midi connection using windows visa home!!  
it sounds strange that a newer program should not be able to do that. sometimes you have to change some settings in windows as it has problems sometime finding new hardware but im sure it can be done.
is your usb midi cable one of the newer ones?
anyway hope you find a solution
your software should be able to find a midi port no matter what kind it is, usb, joystick, whatever- the software doesn't care where it comes from, it just has to be there.

with that said, i have totally fallen for a small, fast, super powerful audio program called reaper, and it's done everything i could ask since i installed it a couple months ago.  check it out:

i use ableton live for looping and things, but i've been using reaper for 90% of the rest of my audio. i'm even mastering a couple studio session takes at about 15 tracks a piece without any problem.

oh yeah, easy to use too, plus the online video tutorials are great. wish i was getting paid to say all this, but it's been a long time since some software has put this kind of smile on my face.
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most software programs have "preferences" or "options" menu's that allow you to select (from what you have available) the midi input/output device.
i just tried it on my laptop (which runs windows me) and both vanbasco and scorewriter found the roland um-1 usb midi cable without a hitch.

also a little light comes on the roalnd cable when i plug it into the laptop.

no light comes on when i plug it into the desktop.

any other ideas then?
ok, i fixed it.

for the windows vista platform i needed to download an updated driver from edirol/roland.

thanks for all your help!
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